How To Create A Successful Fashion Blog: 50 Expert Fashion Bloggers Reveal Their Top Tips

expert fashion bloggers reveal top tips to create a successful fashion blogWhen I started on the journey to create the definitive guide to fashion blogging success I have to admit I had no idea what to expect. Rather than rehash what others had already written on the subject I decided to reach out to over 200 top fashion bloggers who had an established readership on their own blogs as well as an engaged following on social media.

These expert bloggers were asked a simple question: “What is your #1 tip for creating a successful fashion blog?”. When the dust settled and the final results were in I was stunned to find the outreach campaign achieved over a 25% response rate.

The big takeaway for me was that the fashion blogging community is very enthusiastic about helping fellow bloggers to become successful!  Even with overloaded work schedules and a neverending list of reader requests to respond to these people were happy to take the time to participate on this project.

The final goal of this expert roundup was simple: compile a list of top tips from people who have already had success fashion blogging to help new fashion bloggers avoid the many pitfalls that can derail them from being successful.

This article contains a summarized list of these blogging success tips as well as each individual blogger’s full responses to the original question I posed to them.

If you are interested in starting your own fashion blog use the tips in this guide to inspire you . Save yourself a ton of wasted time and frustration by learning how to fashion blog the right way.

Top Tips For Creating a Successful Fashion Blog

  1. Blog about what you are passionate about (24 votes)
  2. Be yourself and have your own unique style and voice (18 votes)
  3. Be dedicated and post consistently using a schedule (12 votes)
  4. Have high quality, compelling (original) photos on your blog (8 votes)
  5. Support and network with other fashion bloggers (6 votes)
  6. Generate quality original content – quality trumps quantity (6 votes)
  7. Learn how to promote yourself using SEO and social media (6 votes)
  8. Stay focused and consistent with your blog’s  direction (5 votes)
  9. Interact with your readers – develop a community (5 votes)
  10. Get a good camera and learn photography, photo editing software (4 votes)
  11. Don’t blog for money, swag or attention – do it because you love it (3 votes)
  12. Ensure your blog has a clean layout and easy navigation (3 votes)

Read on to view your favorite fashion bloggers’ full responses to the question: “What is your #1 tip for creating a successful fashion blog?”. You can skip to your favorite blogger’s answer by using the quick links below or sit back, grab a coffee and start scrolling through all of their responses one by one.

fashion bloggers collage
Alicia LundAmber McNaughtAmy Wells HavinsAnnie VazquezAthina Valyraki
Britt & Whit
Caitlin LindquistCarrie HarwoodCathy AndersonCharlotte Harvey,
Christina CaradonaChristina LangnerConnie CaoCorrie Swaffield
Daniela RamirezDanielle DowningDiana Marks
Erin Forde , Elaine Daneshrad
Fleur McGerr
Gemma Seager
Hallie WilsonHelen Grieves
Jade (The Style Rawr)Jeanette ScottJen TamJenny WuJessica (Hapatime)Jinna Yang
Kayla SeahKeiko LynnKim (Sensible Stylista)Kristi Stalter
La CarminaLaura PotterLauren SchugarLauren SladeLeanne Lim-Walker,
Lisa HamiltonLorna Burford
Maegan TintariMaria TettamantiMariam DiamondMaryna KovaltchukMichelle Koesnadi
Nabiila BeeNatalie PintoNatalie Vargas
Phoebe Montague
Rachel MartinoRossana Vanoni
Sara DonaldsonSolanah CornellSonya EsmanSydney Carver
Taylor DaviesTerri Heckley
Vicki Harvey
Yulie Kendra Gülzow

Here are all of the fashion bloggers full responses in the order they were received. I only edited them for grammar or spelling mistakes. Otherwise they are exactly as they were submitted to me.


Mariam Diamond – Diamond Daily

You need to blog about something that you LOVE ! It can’t just be about what is in at the moment all the time, it needs your personal touch. When blogging about fashion, whether it be clothes, shoes, accessories, handbags or anything else that is in this endless fashion industry, keeping my blog to what I personally find appealing and what I personally love is what makes me enjoy blogging.

The fact that I enjoy what I blog about and I don’t try to impress anyone, but keep my blog posts to things that I actually like is what makes me blog more and enjoy putting up pictures almost everyday and posts as often as possible.

Putting up posts as often as possible is important as no one will be interested in your blog for too long if there’s nothing to see. So really, loving what you do and what you post and posting often so there’s always something for your viewers/ followers to see is what is most important.



Rossana Vanoni – Rossana Vanoni

Most newbie fashion bloggers often get the misinterpretation that fashion blogging is all about high fashion or what celebrities are wearing or what is “in” style. Although all those points are great points, in order to have a successful fashion blog, it is important to keep your audience in mind.

What do readers want? What aspects make readers want to keep visiting for more? Readers/Viewers want to see something they can relate to. It is hard to please all viewers but it is absolutely ideal to have a variety of blog posts and fashion tips and guides to suite every type of reader.

Every person does have their own unique sense of style and they want to feel connected with others who understand their style.  Just like a movie, an audience (in this case, readers of your blog) wants to have that sense of understanding and attraction.

Keeping your audience in mind also means making sure you acknowledge and address your readers whether that is greeting them or telling them a little bit about your day. Make it relatable and present yourself.  Your readers want to know a little bit about you and you want to know a little bit about them.

So the next time you are starting a new blog post, think about these blogging tips and they can take you a long way!



Sonya Esman – Class is Internal

My number one tip is to stop defining yourself and trying to box yourself and your style into a certain category. Post and shoot whatever you genuinely like, or whatever you feel makes you proud of your content.

This goes for copying other bloggers as well. It’s alright to take inspiration, but try dressing yourself without literally focusing on “this item is hot right now, so I’m going to style it just like ____ blogger did.” Do whatever speaks to you, personally.



Yulie Kendra Gülzow – Yulie Kendra

About your question, I think a very big part of having a successful fashion blog is ” always be always ” no matter what others say.  If you like what you are wearing then it’s right so go ahead and share it with the world.

Some people will like it and some will hate it, that’s normal! If everyone liked your style that would be boring wouldn’t it? So i think every person has the potential to become a successful fashion blogger if they trust in the things they are doing.



Nabiila Bee – Nabiila Bee

For a successful blog I think it’s about your blog layout and getting yourself out there. Also something unique/different that people would remember you by. Collaborating is not only fun but you get to meet new people and also your get yourself out there so other other bloggers’ audience can get to know you and follow you as well.

Also being yourself is key, you need to be real and have patience. People like to see pretty pictures so good photography is important, if you don’t have good photos people won’t be interested in your blog.



Maryna Kovaltchuk – Way Ward

You should have your own style and a creative mind to create a successful fashion blog!




La Carmina – La Carmina

Top tip is – learn seo and put out unique quality content regularly. Using good alt tags, titles and markup can make a big difference in whether people can find your site or not. The joke is that no matter what you Google, I show up in the image results!

While you should not overdo these techniques, by making things more searchable, you will increase your chances of being found by potential collaborators. For example, I’ve gotten tv hosting jobs from producers finding my site and contacting me.



Lauren Schugar – Vegas Fashion Stylist

Original content, original pictures and posting very often are the keys to successful fashion blogging. All of these are very time consuming things to do. That’s why the best blogs are by full-time fashion bloggers 0r someone who has the resources of a photographer, or graphic design artist.



Diana Marks – LA by Diana

My tip to create a successful fashion blog is to stay true to yourself, be patient, focused and most importantly passionate about it. It’s very easy to get caught up by the success of others and give up too early or, even worse, to start copying others. Fashion blogging isn’t easy, it takes a lot of time and hard work, but if you stay on track and stay passionate about it you’ll achieve great success.



Keiko Lynn – Keiko Lynn

My number one tip: Pay attention to visuals. There is no specific formula for being a successful blogger, but there are certain attributes they have in common: great photography, a clean layout with easy navigation, attention to detail and composition.

First impressions are important in a world where there is instant gratification, everywhere you look. Grab the reader’s attention with beautiful visuals, and get them to stay with consistency, authenticity, and thoughtful content.



Christina Langner – Christinanista

For me the most important tip is, set yourself a goal and just go for it! Sounds really simply and not really that helpful, but it actually really is! First of all I think it’s always important to have a goal, because it pushes you and your blog that much further and makes you stay on track.

Without a goal you might at some point end up writing 1 blog post every half a year or not putting too much thought into your posts that gives your readers the feeling you aren’t really committed to your blog, which makes them not committed to you as a reader. Also be realistic when setting yourself a blogging goal.

I think bloggers get frustrated and quit blogging too quickly when they don’t see amazing results straight away, but the key to successful blogging is persistence while working towards a goal! This rule of following a goal can be applied to anything from improving your blog design, to content, pictures or interaction!



Erin Forde – Erin X Style

I have a few tips but the number one thing I always try to keep in mind is the importance of involving initiative and quality into everything that I post. I think having a great interest for fashion and the internet can help too!

The aspect I pay the most attention to with my blog would have to be the content that I post. I like to make sure that the writing flows evenly and the photography shows good quality and relates back to the text. Having good content on your blog from the beginning counts for more than the overall layout and that’s what I think should be focused on.



Rachel Martino – Rach Martino

My #1 tip would be: Stay true to how you are in creating your blog and treat your blog, your vision, and what it stands for with respect. This way you’ll be genuine to your fans and brands will be more interested in working with you.



Carrie Harwood – Wish Wish Wish

I’d say; be totally passionate about whatever it is you’re blogging about – that way it’ll never seem like a chore and your positivity will be rewarded with lots of likeminded readers!



Maegan Tintari – Love Maegan

With so many fashion blogs on the internet now, it’s difficult not to try to imitate what you may think is making one fashion blogger successful. But the great thing about fashion blogging is you can show individuality and a unique personal style. Stick to what YOU think is fabulous, stay true to yourself and your style, and you’ll be a success in more ways than one!



Lorna Burford – Raindrops of Sapphire

I get asked this a lot actually and my response is always stay true to yourself. You have to have your own voice, your own uniqueness as there is no sense in copying someone else, it doesn’t fulfill you and you won’t ever be as good as the original, so always be sure to have something that’s personal to yourself and build on that.

Write about what makes you happy, what interests you and what makes you enjoy life. Enthusiasm really shows through and it’s so important in making your blog different. More from Lorna: How to become a fashion blogger



Jinna Yang – Grease and Glamour

I would say that it’s about evolution. The digital world changes so rapidly and you have to constantly reassess, restrategize and stay on top of the changes. My blog is like my web home, and I make sure to keep it clean, sexy and working well.



Alicia Lund –  Cheetah is the New Black

I don’t have a #1 tip but I think the most important part about blogging (on any topic) is dedication and consistency. I’ve been blogging for 5 years now and that’s a crazy amount of blog posts! You have to be passionate about the topic you’re writing about because that will really shine through in your voice.

I’ve gone through periods where I wasn’t inspired / was stressed out by my day job and it really showed in my content. Also, remember to stay true to yourself and to focus on ways to set yourself apart. More and more I’m inspired by photography these days and am working on improving my own photography skills. Lastly, support each other!



Jeanette Scott – J’s Everyday Fashion

My tip for creating a successful fashion blog is to fill a void in the blogging world, rather than emulate blogs you love. Just like inventing a product – trying to improve upon an existing product, or making one that is similar to an already-popular product, can be much harder to find success with.

But looking at the blogosphere and finding what’s missing, what you would like to see and read about, what’s outside of the box and hasn’t been done yet, a totally new spin on the fashion world – I think that’s your best shot at success.



Gemma Seager – Retro Chick

I think it depends exactly what sort of fashion blog you want to create, but my top tip is to write about what interests you and something you love, rather than what you think will attract advertisers. A successful blog takes time to build up and if you’re not passionate about it you’ll never stick with it.



Daniela Ramirez – Nany’s Klozet

My #1 tip for creating a successful blog is to be passionate and dedicated. Find a topic that you love and that you enjoy writing about. The most successful blogs have a trait in common; they post frequently. Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Finally, don’t do it for the money or for the recognition… do it because you love it and you truly enjoy it.



Lisa Hamilton – See Want Shop

I think a successful fashion blog is achievable when you have a unique and individual direction, something that isn’t already available out there. Once you have a clear vision, make sure you create beautiful and interesting content that will attract people to your site.

I also believe a simple and easily navigated website is essential to ensure readers will return. It is also important to interact with your readers through social media, because ultimately they are what’s most important.



Annie Vazquez – The Fashion Poet

The answer to that is simpIe. Find a niche and be different. I often see bIoggers slapping together outfits and posting. You need more than that nowadays to stand out and be successful.



Fleur McGerr – Diary of a Vintage Girl

Well my top tip is to go back to 2008 when not that many people had blogs. but seriously a good camera is my #1 I would say. A DSLR with a 50mm lens – my blog took off mainly because I had good photos on it.



Corrie Swaffield – Dizzy Brunette 3

My number one tip is to blog for yourself, write posts you’d like to read, take photos you’d like to see and create a blog you’re really proud of! Keep your style real to you and your blog will always stay a passion which means you will always want to put time and effort into it!



Christina Caradona – Trop Rouge

I remember when I started blogging and there really wasn’t any such thing as a “blogger”. That term didn’t mean anything to anyone. I feel like if you want to start a blog and you want it to be successful you should keep that mentality. Authenticity really shines through and being yourself is really important not only for your blog. but just in life in general.



Maria Tettamanti – The Wordy Girl

The number one tip I can share with you is ALWAYS write about things you genuinely love along with using compelling photography. If you’re passionate about the topics you explore on your blog, readers will feel your energy and excitement — it’s infectious!

In terms of photography, we live in a visual world. That being said, all of your blog posts should start with a beautiful image — it’s the first thing readers see and it should be impactful. Your photographs should lure readers in.



Jade – The Style Rawr

Social media is key, use everything you can to get yourself out there! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin’, Google+, whatever you can grab! Reach out to other bloggers and brands, work the room, make friends and just have fun!



Sara Donaldson – Harper and Harley

My #1 tip for creating a successful blog, although there are a lot of crucial elements involved, is to have a point of difference. You need to stand out from the many other bloggers now in the industry and give your readers are worthwhile reason to come to your blog and return again and again.

For me, this is making it as clear as possible that Harper and Harley is the destination for minimal style focused on a black, white and grey wardrobe where you can be inspired on how to put a look together but also as a resource for where to buy wardrobe essentials online.



Danielle Downing – Just Dandy

My number one tip is unique and consistent content! If you blog often with fun create content that you photograph or create yourself fans and friends a like are sure to find you and fall in love with you!



Hallie Wilson – Corals and Cognacs

Honestly, just be authentic! Have your own point of view and be passionate about building a community around it – the rest will come.




Kayla Seah – Not Your Standard

Staying true to your brand and image is essential when creating a successful fashion blog. It’s easy to get caught up in emails, gifts and promotions people send you, but you have to remember your primary is your audience, not brands or advertisers (though there’s certainly a place for both). That, combined with a focus on quality over quantity, is the key to longevity.



Helen Grieves – The Lovecats Inc

I think my number one tip for creating any blog (not just fashion alone) is consistency. You have to offer your readers regular and fresh content, so you can ensure they keep coming back.

I know people can’t always post daily or even a few times a week due to work and life commitments, but it’s always nice to have a little blogging schedule so you know you can set aside time to update your blog. I’ve visited so many blogs where their last post was a month ago and there’s always a next to no chance I’ll follow them or return, so it’s important to be consistent if you want to gain readers!



Cathy Anderson – Poor Little It Girl

Know the difference: are you a fashion blogger, or are you just a person who has a blog? Back in 2010 when I started, blogging was popular, but fast forward to 2014 and the market is so saturated it’s almost weird if you come across someone that doesn’t have a website.

The difference between a “successful” blogger and one who simply blogs is the mission behind why you are writing in the first place. For me, Poor Little It Girl and Southern Blog Society (the blogger networking community I co-founded) are not hobbies, they are my jobs…and I’ve always treated it as such.

I post consistently. I hire people to help me with my site. I do it even when I don’t feel like it because it’s my j-o-b. Nowadays everyone has a blog, so how do you set yourself a part from the rest? Or are you even trying to? Make sure you know where you blog stands and where you want to take it in the future.

If it’s simply a place for your family to check to get updates on your latest outfit phone selfies, that’s fine. But if you want to work with brands, get advertisers, etc. you need to show that you’re providing a service. That people come to your site to learn something and are inspired by your content.



Britt & Whit – Britt & Whit

In blogging, while it’s important to stay consistent with your blog postings and engage with your readers, ultimately you need to focus on what really inspired you to start and continue blogging. When we first started Britt+Whit we were all over the place in terms of content.

We covered fashion shows, award show fashion, fashion editorials, and personal style. We both love finding new creative ways to style different looks so over time we naturally started to focus more on personal style content and it worked!

So at the end of the day, focus on what you love and what made you want to blog in the first place and don’t be strayed by noise from brands, magazines, or social media. It’s important to keep your real voice and just be you!



Kristi Stalter – The Coral Court

I think that my number one tip for creating a successful blog is being able to have the time and motivation to really connect with your readers. That may be through replying to their comments, tweets, or just taking the time to let them know that you appreciate them reading your blog.



Leanne Lim-Walker  – Leanne Lim-Walker

Be consistent with your posts, ideally posting around 4 times a week minimum. That way your readers know to come back regularly as they shall be expecting content. Take clear outfit pictures where you are the main focus of the image.

Either by using a shallow depth of field making sure you are in focus and the background is blurred out. Or being photographed where it’s quite minimal so things are taking away the focus from you. Do it because you want to and enjoy creating the content, it should be fun and a way to share your thoughts and style with your readers.

Make sure you promote your blog and posts across your social media so people know you are creating these interesting posts and they will come to read what you have to say. Attend blogger events so you can network with other like minded people. The blogging world is such a lovely community!



Jenny Wu – Good, Bad and Fab

My #1 tip for creating a successful fashion blog is to be authentic. Stay true to your voice and let the blog be an extension of your personality. Remember, readers want to connect with you as a person which is why they’re reading your blog instead of online magazines!



Connie Cao – K is for Kani

Blog about the things you are truly interested in to establish your niche. Be genuine, honest and passionate about what you write about – your voice will provide a unique addition to the blogging community.



Michelle Koesnadi – Glisters and Blisters

Know who you are and your style. Learn to say no to offers that aren’t “you”. You are a blogger and you have an image , voice and identity to maintain.  You are not a model who wears whatever the stylist says to wear. New bloggers can get carried away with sponsorship deals or free clothing offers (yes, they are very tempting).

I myself have to admit that I have fallen into the pitfall where I accepted sponsored items that I didn’t actually like. In the long run, by doing this you will create a stronger identity and personality which will be more appealing to both your readers and collaborators.



Jessica – Hapa Time

My number #1 tip is to only start if you have a TON of extra time and motivation to be one of the best! It takes a lot of perseverance and research, trial and error, maybe even tears of frustration! But in the end it is all worth it!



Natalie Pinto – The Fashionably Broke

My best tip in blogging in general is to get out there and network and meet as many people as you can. And, once you do meet people, support them as you wish they would support you! My best tip for fashion blogging, specifically, would be to invest in a good camera and learn how to use it’s manual settings. Pretty pictures, I think, are the main thing people look for when they come to a fashion blog.



Laura Potter – Tiny Twisst

Stick at it! The hardest part of blogging is actually starting a blog and sticking with it. It takes time, dedication and most of all – patience. Writing the first few posts is always the hardest, but once you have “settled in” and got a routine going it should come naturally, and you will start feeling the benefits and enjoyment blogging creates.

It’s also really important to choose a subject that you are passionate about. Passion is always so obvious to your readers. Most of all, enjoy it and it will come naturally.



Lauren Slade – Style Elixir

My advice for creating a successful fashion blog involves two parts. First, be confident, remain true to yourself and why you started blogging. Second, don’t compare yourself to others.

There are so many fashion blogs out there – and you must remember my first piece of advice to be confident in your content and stay true to yourself, the difference between your blog and someone else’s is YOU! Wear, write and create content you believe in, be consistent, be kind to others and be patient – all good things take time!



Vicki Harvey – The Magpie Girl

My tip for success in blogging is two fold, be passionate about what you are blogging about. If you live for fashion then blogging about it will be enjoyable, exciting and always interesting- blog about what you are passionate about.

Secondly consistency which is sometimes harder to achieve but you readers need to know that twice a week or twice a day you will be blogging. That way they know when to come back and check your blog for new content.



Amy Wells Havins – Dallas Wardrobe

When creating a fashion and style blog I would say the most important thing is to keep it authentic to yourself and your personal style. With such a vast amount of fashion blogs today readers keep coming back to your site because they want to see how you style and wear things! If you are planning on starting a blog make sure to be true to yourself!



Amber McNaught – Forever Amber

I would say my number one tip would be to be yourself, and not to try to compare yourself to other bloggers too much. There are so many fashion blogs out there now that it’s important to be unique if you want yours to stand out. Ask yourself what you can do that’s different from everyone else, rather than focusing on trying to make everything exactly the same.



Terri Heckley – Coyote Ugly

I would say my #1 tip would be have a real passion for it.  As a new fashion blogger it can be hard to get yourself noticed among the crowd, but if you put your heart and soul into it success will come to you.

Promoting yourself also helps to get your name out there. Through simply sharing my blog posts on twitter I have gotten to work with many big brand names. Interacting with other bloggers through twitter can also be beneficial as you are engaging with the community.

And remember that it’s about quality rather than quantity. Plan your posts, take clear photos and focus on promoting that one really good post rather than several average ones.



Kim – Sensible Stylista

Be honest – advocate brands that truly speak to you and represent your aesthetic. Free swag is nice, but don’t sell out! Promote companies that you genuinely love.

Be supportive – connect with other bloggers! There are so many amazing fashionistas out there.Plus, what goes around comes around!

Be focused – choose a niche that you’re passionate about and stick with it. Consistency is key. Your readers count on you to provide solid content on a regular basis.

Be ambitious – always strive to better your blog! There are a million fashion blogs out there. How will you distinguish yourself from the rest?



Charlotte Harvey – Ordaining Serendipity

Get talking to others! You can’t just blog and expect the views to come in, you need to get commenting on other people’s sites and using social networks to your advantage such as joining in on the blogger chats on twitter. Always be genuine with what you have to say and people will take notice of you and your blog.



Solanah Cornell – Vixen Vintage

All content and ambition aside, I think the most important aspect of a successful fashion blog is the photos. They don’t have to be professional quality, but taking time to edit and include a variety of detail and full body shots is important. People usually want to see clothing presented in a fresh way, and then want to know where to get the products you’re displaying. Everything else is secondary.



Natalie Vargas – Catalina Creative

​My number one tip for creating a successful fashion blog is just to be genuine. My blog differs from lots of fashion blogs because I don’t have personal outfit photos to push products or sponsored posts because that’s just not me. I keep things personal and simple.

I think that’s one of the big reasons my readers enjoy it. The most successful fashion blogs, in my opinion, are the ones that inspire! Not the ones that make the most money. It’s important not to write about products you yourself would never really use, or things that don’t reflect what you and your blog represent!

Don’t worry about following trends, or what other bloggers write about, or even whether a reader will purchase something you share. Write for yourself. Even I can’t afford half the things I blog about, but it sure is fun to dream up some beautiful outfits! Keep things authentic and just have fun!



Sydney Carver – Summer Wind

I would say that my #1 tip for creating a successful fashion blog is to be persistent and work hard! Success doesn’t come overnight so working hard is key. Set small goals and you will find more happiness and satisfaction every time you accomplish a small goal.

I would also suggest to not compare yourself to others. It’s really hard not to, but blogging can get competitive and it’s important to stay true to yourself and do the best you can!

Lastly, I would suggest using most of your own images! It’s fun to pull images from Pinterest but I find I get the best response when I use my own, original content!



Caitlin Lindquist – A Little Dash of Darling

My number one tip for creating a successful fashion blog would be to stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Reach out to brands and bloggers. The worst that can happen is that they will say no.

I also recommend publishing unique content consistently so your readers know when and what to expect from you. And most importantly, have fun with it! The fact that you enjoy what you are doing will show, and will resonate with your readers.



Taylor Davies – Shut Up I Love That Shirt on You

I would say the number one piece of advice I could give for creating a successful fashion blog is to have an original point of view. At this point the market is completely saturated with experts in personal style, DIY crafts, etc. What is your unique perspective? How can you present online fashion content in away that someone else is not?

Ask yourself what you can bring to the table and why people should care. You’ve got to get creative and be willing to work pretty hard. Learn InDesign and Photoshop. Create original imagery. Buy a domain and hire a web designer to customize your site.

All that said, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Get your ideas and your words out there. Have fun with it. You can tweak and evolve your site as you go—everyone does. Be confident in what you do, don’t be afraid to tell anyone you’re a “blogger,” self-promote like crazy—you’re your own best PR.



Phoebe Montague – Lady Melbourne

My number one tip for creating a successful fashion blog is that you must have original content. Take your own photos and write your own words. It will hold you in good stead for the long haul that is fashion blogging!



Athina Valyraki – Not Your Average Style Fix

Fashion blogging isn’t easy! It’s demanding and challenging almost as much as it is fun and exciting! There are a lot of things to keep in mind when starting out, like be as authentic as possible, have a clean layout and strive for exciting collaborations early on!

However, what I consider to be the most important tip to creating and maintaining a successful fashion blog is to have and retain a strong social media presence. Through social media is the best way to keep your audience up to date, spread the word about your newest posts and most importantly direct traffic to your website! So keep those tweets coming!



Jen Tam – Her Waise Choice

if I were to give you one word it would be consistency. It takes a while to build up an online brand/presence, and I think most don’t realize how much work it will be starting out. So my tip is to be dedicated and have a goal in mind.



Elaine Daneshrad – Fashion Laine

My #1 tip is to be passionate about what you do and what you post! I strongly believe that if you believe in yourself and love what you do, success can come.



Fashion Bloggers Responses as a Word Cloud

I took all of the responses I received from my fashion blogger outreach campaign and converted them into a word cloud.  The words that have larger fonts appeared the most often in their answers.

successful fashion blog word cloud

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned some valuable tips for creating your own successful fashion blog. I would like to take the time to thank all of the bloggers who participated on this project. Without you this guide would not exist!

Which responses did you like the best? What have you been doing right / wrong with your fashion blog? What tips would you add to the discussion?

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