7 Stunning Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas For Her

7 Stunning Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas For Her

With Valentine’s Day swiftly approaching, it’s only a matter of time before department stores stock their shelves with pink and red streamers signifying the location of boxes of chocolates and Hallmark cards, urging you to purchase one of their perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. This year, ignore those notions of convention – it’s time to really wow your sweetheart and we’re here to help you do so.

We won’t adhere completely to Marilyn Monroe’s quote and claim that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we won’t deny the appeal and allure of receiving a beautiful piece of jewelry from someone you love on Valentine’s Day. Here are our favorite pieces to show her you care:


Pamela Love Bronze Aeternum Cuff

The beauty of this subtle cuff is the reflection of the unity that is found between love and nature. The twining leaves along the band, the clarity of the heart in the center – they come together to form a piece of jewelry that will be worn for generations. We especially love the hands clasping the heart, it’s a sweet reminder of how you and your significant others have positively touched and impacted each other’s lives.


Jennifer Meyer Je T’aime Necklace

Saying “I love you” to the one you care about most is easy, but do you know how to make it sound even better? Saying it in French. Yes, French, the language of love.This Valentine’s Day, consult the language of romance and give your sweetheart this je t’aime necklace, preferably while Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg coo in the background. She’ll fall in love all over again.


Paloma Picasso Love & Kisses Ring

No one quite knows the origins of using XOXO to express affection, specifically as meaning “hugs and kisses,” but the symbolism is ingrained into the masses, one glance instantly evoking elementary crushes and scribbling initials into mechanical pencil-drawn heart. That’s why this ring is so charming! It connects the childlike delight of your first love and brings on that fluttering feeling from the pit of your stomach. It’s perfect for showing you care.


Aurelie Bidermann Majorelle Gardens Ring

Perhaps, you’re not into the literal interpretation of Valentine’s Day through heart motifs and want to do something different instead – if that’s the case, this Aurelie Bidermann ring is the perfect jewelry option. The brass offers a rustic charm, like the giver found it in an antique shop and was instantly reminded of the first time he bought her flowers. The subtle symbolism, the sweetness of the design, will have her reaching for it every morning.


Linda MacDonald Heart Drop Earrings

If your love likes to wear her heart on her sleeve, this year it’s time to urge her to wear her heart on her ears. Okay, okay, we know: it might sound bizarre, but one look at these Linda MacDonald earrings will offer instant clarity. The delicate yet ornate design is crafted from sterling silver and accented with golden drop, combining hearts and flowers into a singular piece of jewelry. Now all you need is a box of premium chocolates!


Leivankash Olivia Rose Cuff

If you liked the idea of Aurelie Bidermann’s garden-inspired Valentine’s gift, but think it lacks the va-va-voom you’re looking for, Leivankash is there to add a huge dose of boldness to the equation. Where one is subtle, this cuff is a true statement piece. The ornate rose motif is complemented by the luscious 22 karat gold plating, highlighting the grooves and character of every petal. When you see this luxurious bracelet wrapped around your Valentine’s wrist, you will know that you’ve picked a real winner (and we’re not just talking about the cuff!)


Bing Bang Loved Up Necklace

Bing Bang’s Loved Up necklace is perfect for those who don’t naturally gravitate to pomp and circumstance in matters of the heart. The beauty of this necklace is its simplicity, allowing your sweetheart to be able to wear it any time, any day, and with any ensemble. The interlocking hearts mimic your hands as you walk down the street, the way your body languages mirror each other when you’re sitting on the couch, and the way you can finish the other’s sentences. Sweet and thoughtful, she won’t be able to stop smiling.