A Girl’s Only Galentine’s Day: What It Is and How To Make It Unforgettable!

A Galentine’s Day To Remember: What It Is and How To Make It Unforgettable!Ladies, let’s get down to business. The season is upon us, and whether you’ve heard of Galentine’s Day yet or not, trust me, you’ll be adding this one to your calendar for years to come.

Golden Globe winning actress, Amy Poehler, first put February 13th on the map in 2012 when her character Leslie Knope and gal pals celebrated Galentine’s Day on the popular TV comedy show, Parks and Recreation.

What exactly is Galentine’s you ask? I’ll let Leslie Knope fill you in;

“Oh, it’s only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas.

Think girl’s night… all day long. Whether you love or hate Valentine’s day, better known as Single’s Awareness day to some, you probably always spend it with a boyfriend/husband OR thinking about how capitalized the day has become. Remember Jessica Biel in the movie “Valentines Day” ? This isn’t the same kind of party.

A Galentine’s Day To Remember: What It Is and How To Make It Unforgettable!

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Galentine’s is a day to forget about your significant other (or lack of) and celebrate only the women in your life.

For the guys reading this, I know you’re thinking “Why don’t we get a bro-lentine’s day?”

That’s what the Super Bowl is for isn’t it? Every football Sunday for that matter!

Back to business ladies. To plan the perfect Galentine’s you’ll want to make sure your place is party ready.

From Paris With Love

Because Galentine’s day starts early, leave the GIRLS marathon for after dark and focus on the décor first. I’m thinking something feminine, and what’s more feminine that a Parisian themed soirée?

A Galentine’s Day To Remember: Why You Need To Add Some Fun To Your February 13th

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Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an interior designer to pull of the French look, simple touches like pink and white flowers, Eiffel tower cut-outs and photo booth mustache’s complete the look.

A Galentine’s Day To Remember: Why You Need To Add Some Fun To Your February 13th

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If you’re not into pink and whites, go bold and spice it up with a vampy red and black theme.

What To Wear!

So you’ve decided on a theme, now you’ve got to figure out what to wear. Remember, this isn’t a day you have to feel like you need to spice it up for him, leave that for the day after. Galentine’s day is all about feeling comfortable, and doing a bit of gossiping with your girls.

If you or one of your girls happens to be single and on the prowl, go ahead and flaunt it with this sassy “I’m Not With Stupid Anymore” Tee. Or if you want to go with matching outfits for the day, the Brashy Couture Tee with a simple but attention grabbing message will do the trick.

Pair it with some sweats, which; if you prefer, can be dressed up a bit with these simple tricks.

Finally, The Food!

Skip calorie counting on Galentine’s day, and embrace the sugar rush for once. But first, because your girls are coming over bright and early, you’ve gotta get breakfast sorted. Or if you’re sleeping in, brunch will do.

Instead of preparing the night before, write up a grocery list of essentials, and email them to your girls. Each person brings one or two things and you’ve got your meals for the day ready.

For those who have a sweet tooth in the group, pancakes with syrup will be served up wonderfully with this heart shaper.


image via personalchefapproach.com

Or for those who prefer a savory breakfast, heart shaped eggs are on the menu too. If you don’t have this handy kitchen tool though, use this DIY trick for creating heart shaped boiled eggs.

Of course we can’t forget the cocktails…just because it’s morning when Galentine’s day begins doesn’t mean it’s not 5 o’clock somewhere right?  For your drinking pleasure, here are 20 girly cocktail recipes from the beautiful Rachael Ray.

A Galentine’s Day To Remember: Why You Need To Add Some Fun To Your February 13th

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One Final Thought

At the end of the day, February 13th should only be about the girls in your life that you care about and spending much needed time with them. If you all live in the same place don’t let that stop you, you can always have a Google Hangout party to catch up.

In the words of our faithful Galentine’s leader, Leslie Knope, “Hoes before bros. Ovaries before brovaries. Uteruses before duderuses.” – Happy Galentine’s Day!

Who are you celebrating Galentine’s Day with this year? What would be your perfect theme of the day?

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