As That Special Occasion Creeps Up On The Calendar, What Six Unique Gifts Should You Consider For The Kitchen Wizard?

Whatever the occasion, if the person you’re looking to buy a great gift for is a dab-hand in the cooking department, then these present ideas should help take some of the pressure off. Kitchen wizards and culinary masters will be pleased. So show your thoughtful side and whisk some convenience into their impressive, food endeavors, or don’t take my advice and opt for something predictable, you lazy person you.

bamboo-specialty-cooking-set-kitchenwareAny cooking maestro will be absolutely delighted with the Smoke Vault and the new life it’ll breathe into day to day meal making. This high-end cooking companion has everything they’ll need to rustle up mouth watering meals with that unbeatable, smoky flavor, and with all the dials and settings needed to put a signature spin on a myriad of dishes, you’ll always be the person who chose the greatest gift. I can’t cook, I’m a disaster, but any budding chef is going to be very pleased. The only negative I can see with the Smoke Vault, as a gift, is the addiction to sticky, smoky ribs, they’ll develop as a result. I know, how terrible.

Every capable cook needs a trusty blade and the Evercut Chef Knife should fit the bill. They’ll slice and dice their way through veg like nobodies business. If I used a blade this sleek and sharp, I’m sure it wouldn’t be long before one of my fingertips found its way into a salad so be sure the person you buy it for it seasoned in super-fast chopping. The Evercut Chef Knife even comes in a gift box so you’ll save time on wrapping. It’s built to last, unlike most people’s ability to come up with original gift ideas. Go figure.

Every cooking enthusiast has to throw at least one soiree and if they’re going to go all out they’re going to need wine; lots and lots of wine, oh and fancy glasses, and a chilling bucket. Now I may not know soirees but I do know wine buckets and the Circa Wine Chiller is up there with the best. What you’re getting here is a blend of aluminum and hand-blown glass, thrown together in a stylish and functional way. Vintage? No, no. Red or white is the extent of my wine knowledge, but the Circa Wine Chiller will keep the wine cold and the guests happy. And how often does someone receive a wine cooler as a gift?

They can rustle up a selection of cheese’s and fancy crackers like a pro, but the effect is lost if the presentation isn’t completely right. I tend to open up some cheddar and bite off a chunk from the packet but if the person you have in mind for a gift has a bit, okay no, a lot more class than me, then you can’t really go wrong with the Scandinavian Wooden Plates. Get them this stylish and useful gift, and make sure you’re there when they break out the pricey cheese and crackers. Scandinavian Wooden Plates? That’s a fairly unique gift.

It may completely destroy the chances of getting that romantic, first kiss you’re fixing for, but garlic is just a little miracle, and everyone should use it. In fact, if everyone cooked with garlic, pungent breath wouldn’t be an issue, just saying. If your friend or special someone pings cloves of garlic round the kitchen through attempts to crush them, you should look at the Garlic Rocker; just crush the garlic using this inexpensive gadget and the force will push the mash through the mesh, so you can scoop and cook. Simple but effective. Show your friend you don’t want them to lose an eye to a rogue garlic clove with the Garlic Rocker.

And there you have it guys. If that special occasion is looming and you want to break away from the cliched ‘socks and ties’ approach, by getting something different and unique, then these suggestions should steer you well. You don’t need to re-mortgage the house to get a gift that will make a big impact; thought counts too you know, unless that special someone is spoiled in which case you should contact your realtor. Any normal kitchen wizard should be pleased to receive such a gift.