Emerald Fish Earrings: The Absolutely Perfect Gift for Your Oh-So-Stylish Pisces!


Emerald Fish Earrings by designer Elizabeth ColeShe’s got class, she’s got style… and she’s every bit the epitome of a Pisces. Deeply feeling, highly creative, inventive, original, and predictably unpredictable, there is never a dull moment with your Pisces friend! Perhaps she has been known to be a bit impulsive from time to time, and you can never guess what style will strike her fancy from one day to the next. But one thing is certain, she is 100% unique. That’s why these brilliant Emerald Fish Earrings by designer Elizabeth Cole are the absolutely perfect gift for her!

Crafted from 24 kt gold-plate, these gorgeous sparklers dangle 4 inches from sturdy post backs. Clever gold chains and tiny barbs comprise the fish vertebrae, flanked top and bottom by pristine, clear, round and baguette-cut Swarovski crystals, forming the fish tail and head. Perfectly-placed, stunning, green, round-cut Swarovski crystals become the fish eyes, peering out, cheeky and full of fun. In these Emerald Fish Earrings, your Pisces friend will have truly met her match…a match made in fashion Heaven!

You know her well enough to know that she won’t wear just any ol’ earrings. They have to evoke some sort of feeling in her. They have to be special. They have to be as unique and as different as she is. Her creativity will be drawn to the artistic design of these Emerald Fish Earrings, just as her independent spirit will appreciate their tongue-in-cheek humor, and her sense of sophisticated style will swoon for the elegance and grace of the shimmering Swarovski crystals.

No other astrological sign is as mutable and malleable as the Pisces. And yes, your friend can certainly be unpredictable. But one thing you can predict with certainty…she will love these earrings for a lifetime! ($212, from TheStore.com)