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Share & Win Official Contest Rules


Receive an extra gift this holiday season. Share any product from TheStore.com with a retail value of $200 or less on your favorite social network and you could win it. Enter as many times as you want!!!

How to Enter the Contest:

  1. Visit http://thestore.com and browse our product catalog
  2. Find an item you like valued at $200 or less
  3. Click on a sharing button to share this item on your favourite social network *
  4. Add the hashtag #thestoresharewin to your share so we can track your entries **
  5. Connect with us on your favorite social network:

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Share as many items as you want across as many social networks as you want as long as the value of each individual item is $200 or less! One lucky winner will be drawn randomly on Christmas Eve at 8pm EST.

* Sharing buttons are located in the upper right column on each product page. Eligible social networks include: pinterest.com, facebook.com, twitter.com and plus.google.com

** To add a hashtag to your share all you need to do is include the text #thestoresharewin exactly as it’s shown here with a # sign in the front of the word thestoresharewin.

Official Rules & Disclaimers