Five Top Quality Gifts You Should Consider When Shopping For That Unique Present That Says ‘I Put Real Thought Into This

Man, that special occasion is looming and you’re still scratching your head. What a dilemma. Do you play it safe and get a gift voucher? Bit of a poor effort though, don’t you think? Or do you play it super safe and go with socks? Comon, socks are so cliché even the cliché is cliched. It can be tough selecting a gift that makes the impact you want but relax, take a deep breath and compose yourself. Help is at hand. Here are some great gadgets that have steered me true on the present front.

Lips hand bagBuzz-cuts; I have one, my friends have one. Nothing is going to say “your hair is a centimeter too long” like the Single-Handed Barber – a hand-held hair cutter that gives an even finish every time, even if your gift-recipient has a weirdly shaped head. Need a touch-up? Switch between its four settings to get the desired length. Easy. It features a non-slip grip, so the eyebrows of the more clumsy should still be safe, and it comes with all the extra’s you’d expect; although why you’d need a comb after administering a buzz-cut baffles me. Downside? You may well buy this gift with good intentions, but if you can’t resist the temptation to test drive the Single-Handed Barber, it may never reach your friend. I won’t tell if you don’t.

Romance may not be dead but the prognosis is bleak. Bare with me here. Your partner doesn’t mean to hammer-fist that alarm clock into oblivion on a regular basis, they just aren’t a morning person (like myself). The Wooden LED Message Clock is pretty darn sturdy, believe me; regrettably it’s felt my rage. But why the talk of romance? Well, this mechanical medley of a time-keeper, can display a message of your choosing. Leave a nice memo to show them you care – “I love you”, “breakfast is in the oven”, “there’s an ice pack in the freezer for that hand that’s about to swell up”, that sort of thing. The Wooden LED Message Clock is quirky and useful too, and eventually your partner will learn not to bash it when they get awoken. Maybe my perception of ‘romantic’ is slightly off.

Music is a universal language, but a poor set off headphones is like a ridiculously drunk bachelor trying to pick up a lady out of his league by slurring Shakespeare at her – no one appreciates it, no one. If the person you’re shopping for has a real passion for music then the Griffin Woodtones Earbuds should be well received. I’ve had the pleasure of using these and I can honestly say this – the music quality was increased drastically. I won’t even list the particulars – it’s just ‘improved everything’. I’m finding it hard to imagine how you could go wrong with the Griffin Woodtones Earbuds, unless that person just doesn’t like music. But who doesn’t like music right?

I have a friend who is beyond clumsy – months of work, saved only on a flash drive, washed inside his pants on laundry day. Data completely gone. And this is why we make back-ups people. Now this little incident is an on-going joke, so imagine my delight when I found the PetiteKey USB Flash Drive; water and scratch resistant for just such occurrences. You just attach it to your keyring and off you go with 32GB of storage in your pocket. Now he won’t make that mistake again but if he does, his arduous projects will remain safe. If you’re sitting there thinking “I have a friend like this”, then the PetiteKey USB Flash Drive will be appreciated.

Everyone has that overly vain friend; the one that spends more time in the mirror than his girlfriend, and what better way to appeal to his vanity than to ensure his fancy shirts remain crease-free. The Mini Pocket Iron is one of those unique gifts that will get ‘ooo’s’ and ‘ahhh’s’, when the wrapping paper is ripped off. It’s kinda like a hair straightener except smaller, and certainly not for hair. Just heat it up and iron out those creases in a flash. Don’t touch the pads though, because the Mini Pocket Iron gets hot. That goes without saying doesn’t it? Hmm, perhaps not. Don’t touch the heat pads.

So yes people, if you want to buy a gift that shows your thoughtfulness and the effort you made, then consider one of these recommendations. They’re sure to be painted as one of the more unique gifts they’ve received, which will score you some more of those valued friend points, and should set you up for a nice pressie when it’s your turn, unless they are just plain lazy.