How Can I Find Coupons And Deals For Online Shops To Help Me Save Money?

couponsHave you seen those reality shows about coupon-crazy moms? They spend hours reading local newspapers and magazines, from start to end, scissors in hand, ready to cut the juiciest coupons, place them in their special scrapbooks and carrying them around to their nearest shops. There, they tour each aisle looking for products and making sure they’re the ones  that match with a voucher. After queuing up long enough to miss their newborn’s graduation from college, they show the goods on the till and display their collection of vouchers. Then fight with the checkout person because one of the coupons isn’t clear enough. Then they fight with the manager. Then they fight with his boss. Then they win. Yes, they missed Christmas at the cash register, but at least they got the presents now for a fraction of the original price!

You don’t have to be a full-time hunter in order to save money. You can get almost anything you want in a few minutes and still grab a bargain. Finding coupons and deals for online shops is as easy as using the Internet.

Search engines are your best friends. Doing a simple search like “[product] + coupon” or “[brand] + coupon” can show you printable coupons from dozens of websites. Make sure the offers you find are applicable to your area, as something that only works within your shopping website’s European branch would be useless to you in the States or Canada.

These searches will possibly lead you into entire websites dedicated to sharing coupons and deals. These websites have the old school “print and take to your closest brick and mortar store” coupons that those moms we were talking about sometimes use. However, to save you ink, paper, time and transportation, they share online offers too. You can redeem them by using a “coupon code”, generally made up of words and numbers, which you copy and paste into a special field at the online shop before you proceed to check out. This way, the shops process your discount or deal in just one click and then show you the total price you’ll have to pay. Coupon websites are updated by both content writers and members of the public who just feel like letting you know about ways to save money while shopping. Other members of the public vote the deals up or down and let readers know if the code is still valid or not. Go for the ones with the highest percentage of success. To keep the websites alive and accurate, give your vote once you’ve used a code.

If these options take a lot of effort and still sound like freak-show ideas, be more like common people and treat the companies like they are common people too. Like them on Facebook, follow them on twitter, subscribe to their mailing lists and follow them on Pinterest or Instagram. Then, when you check out your feeds and your inbox, you can find more than pictures of your co-worker’s cats, boring chain mail from your grandma and unsolicited details about your kindergarten teacher’s date. The shops and brands treat their social followers like friends: they either share special deals and discounts, give away offers before the other websites spread them or a combination of both. Some of them might even read customer’s feedback on their walls and replies and bring out new versions of products or bring prices down as requested.

Now that we’ve mentioned mailing lists, you can also join discount sites such as Groupon or Living Social. Small and medium businesses – and sometimes larger corporations – contact them beforehand and, in order to get more clients, offer exclusive deals for their members. If you sign up for these discount sites, you will get daily emails featuring new and old vouchers. You pay for the product and service directly with the discount sites and they send you the coupons. To redeem offline vouchers, you print the coupons and take them to the shops. For online offers, you copy the coupon code and paste it where appropriate at the shop’s website. You don’t have to pay a penny – except, say, for shipping and handling – because you already paid at the discount website.

See? It’s really easy to find coupons and deals for online shopping and saving some moolah without neglecting your family or losing your day job. It doesn’t take much time or effort, and scissors and scrapbooks are replaced by the virtual and much safer cut-and-paste.