How Can I Tell If I Am Buying Authentic Jewelry When Shopping On The Internet

woman shopping online for jewelry

Diamonds are forever, and so are disappointments. The heartbreak you get when you buy jewelry online and you end up getting a fake could make you vow never to shop online. However, there’s no need to go extreme! You can still shop ’til your broadband drops, but just be extremely observant and judge if the jewelry you’re going to buy is authentic or a knockoff. Here we tell you how.

Become familiar with the brand

Go on their website, read their catalogs. Next time you go to your nearest department store, go to their stand and look at the pieces in person. Thus, if you find an item at an online shop, you’ll be able to recognize if it’s part of any collection or if it’s a random accessory with a name badly engraved on it (more on engravings, later).

Research the online shop

Make sure the online shop is trustworthy, that the design is congruent with what they’re selling and the content is decently written. Excessive grammar and spelling mistakes make it look like it was done in a hurry by non-professional people.

Read seller’s feedback

Always read the seller’s feedback page. Check that the reviews are varied and written by honest people. If it was written by a friend or rival, it might be the only review they have in their history. Go for sellers and shops that have average positive reviews, the higher the better. If a seller keeps their feedback private, it means it didn’t fulfill this standard, so avoid it. Nothing to fear, nothing to hide.

Beware stock photos

Avoid shops that use stock photographs from the Internet. If they don’t show pictures of the accessories they’re selling, it could be because they’re obviously fakes. Even worse, it could be that the items don’t exist at all and they’re trying to scam you into giving them money. Run away.

If they post photographs, make sure they are high-resolution and that you can closely analyze the jewelry. Are there any certain trademark engravings the designer always does? Are they in the right places? Above all, are they legible and delicately made? If they are coarse and unreadable, it’s probably because it was done by a non-professional using the wrong tools on inappropriate material.

Only precious metals

We’re fuzzy about materials because we care about your money and your well-being. Authentic jewelry should be made of silver, gold, platinum and any other pure metals. Mockups are made with low-class metals such as nickel, which can trigger allergies on the skin. You can end up spending what you saved on jewelry on visits to the dermatologists. Not a very good deal. Also, the material is prone to rust and looks ugly and lacklustre.

Know how your brand packages their merchandise

Does it come with a case or purse? Certain designer brands come in cases and purses in their trademark colors. Check that they have the logo printed correctly, with no spelling mistakes and with high-quality ink or thread. Just like the jewelry, if the case or purse looks like it was quickly produced at a factory in China is probably because it was quickly produced at a factory in China.

Does it come with a certificate of authenticity? Sellers that have nothing to hide show every certificate in the photo gallery. Ask for the serial number. If the piece is authentic, they probably mention the serial number and pictures on the item or case.

Shipping method can say a lot

If they are ending you something authentic and worthy, they might use carriers that can track your parcel all the way to its destination. If they use untracked air mail and offer ‘perks’ such as free shipping, it’s because they’re not really bothered about losing a fake. But you are surely bothered about losing your money.

No clearance sales for limited edition items

Mistrust clearance sales on limited edition and collectibles. If they are as unique as they say they are, the prices will go up and not down when they stop producing them. We know we tell you all the time to frequent clearance websites, but luxury jewelry is one of those cases when it’s better to pay full price.

These are a few ways you can make sure you’re buying authentic jewelry and you’re getting your money’s worth. We know it’s harder to tell if a necklace or bracelet is real just by looking at pictures, but practice makes perfection.