Make a Wish for This Dreamy Wishbone Ring by Jennifer Meyer

More than ever before (or at least in this fashionista’s memory), rings are being created in unique and crazy cool shapes and designs. They’re big or they’re dainty, they’re embellished with gemstones or they’re deceptively simple – we love them all. Maybe that’s why we’re totally smitten with Jennifer Meyer’s Golden Wishbone Ring. Hand cast and constructed out of 18 karat yellow gold, this darling ring is the fashion forward good luck charm you didn’t even know you needed until now. Believe us, you do.

Make a Wish for This Dreamy Wishbone Ring

It isn’t only the stellar design and immaculate construction that has caught our attention (and it has), but also how it reminds us of breaking wishbones in hope of getting the wish that comes with receiving the larger part. It’s akin to the joy of wishing on a star or blowing out the candles on a birthday cake – it’s a simple pleasure taken in the hopes of getting a dash of luck. With Jennifer Meyer’s ring, you can take that luck with you wherever you go; it’s a quirky and nostalgic design with a chic and sophisticated twist, ergo a perfect way to add a ray of sunshine to your day. After all, sometimes we all need a reminder to smile.