Keep Track of Time with These Modern Digital Clocks

Keep Track of Time with These Digital Clocks

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When was the last time that you saw an antique grandfather’s clock up against the wall? It was probably the last time that you were at your grandmother’s house. Today, digital clocks are all the rage, and they will help you to be sure that you’ll never be late again. Well, that might not always ring true, but they certainly do help!

Instead of a grandfather’s clock, perhaps you’d enjoy a modern, digital alternative that can be displayed right on your wall as if it were a picture frame. The Black and White Digital Wall Clock is a perfect replacement for the boring and standard, classroom-like circular time teller. The sight of one of those can make you yawn alone, so why not liven up the time with a modern choice instead?

Keep Track of Time with These Digital Clocks

Speaking of modern choices, the Oak Wood LED Message Clock is another fabulous find. While some elements are still traditional, the uniquely designed clock allows you to store and display as many as seven messages with five different, distinct alarms. It also displays the time, date, and temperature, which can be quite convenient on those rushed mornings when you just don’t have time to check No worries nor questions about what to expect with this modern clock around. How nice is that?

Keep Track of Time with These Digital Clocks

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Perhaps you have a green room, or something lab-like that could benefit from a multi-colored glow. If so, then the LED Wall Clock could be a a DIY project of interest to you. This particular 12-foot-long compilation is made up of LED light bars combined with a simple controller and a GPS receiver. While a project so big can seem intimidating, it’d certainly make for a sweet way to tell time, especially in a den-like environment or hangout room with your friends. If you have a studio apartment, this could be the perfect nighttime addition if you like to have gatherings with friends.

Keep Track of Time with These Digital ClocksLast on the list is the USB Mini Luminous Aroma Alarm Clock. Yes, you read that right. The clock is amazing in the way that it not only wakes you up by sound, but also by smell. How ridiculously brilliant is that? All you have to do is put your favorite fragrance into the alarm clock. When it is time to wake up, the chosen aroma will be released, stimulating your senses and awakening your brain a way that is most pleasant when in your sleep state.

Which of these digital clocks would best suite you and your lifestyle?