The Full Length Skirt: Sport the Feminine Trend

full-length-skirts-mainMany of the season’s biggest trends aren’t exactly along the lines of feminine. After all, it is rather difficult to look ladylike and girly when you’re being swallowed up by a gigantic oversized coat or big bulky sweater. Don’t worries ladies the full skirt is in and it will save you from those boring jeans. Girly girls can rest assured that they have many skirt options for the colder months. It doesn’t have to be pants all winter long, pull out the skirts and have some fun.

Go for a solid skirt and a printed blouse, or switch them up and wear a printed skirt with a solid blouse. Having one of the pieces be printed, whether the skirt or the top, will make the skirt be the focus no matter what. This a one of the ways you can play with patterns, so consider yourself striking two birds with one stone.

Photo via The Fashion Edit

Photo via The Fashion Edit

Wear a belt! There is only one caveat when going for a fuller skirt, and the danger here is the added volume. This added volume has the potential to swallow your shape, and the solution is adding a belt to cinch in your waist. Voilà! You have your feminine figure.

Photo via Almuyanita

Photo via Almuyanita

During winter it is standard to cover up your stems, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do that and wear a skirt at the same time. The best way to keep warm and still wear your favorite skirts is to do so with tights. You can pair basic black tights or leggings with your full skirt for a warmer look. Just this simple layer will warm you up and make your overall look perfect for those nippy days. After all, that is exactly what leggings were made for!

How do you wear your full length skirts? Is there anything you would change about the above looks? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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