The Hyacinth Necklace: A Glamorous Statement Necklace for the Committed Fashionista!

The Hyacinth Necklace by Bea ValdesShe stands out in a crowd with her cutting-edge fashion sense, and she would definitely keep all eyes on her with this stunning Hyacinth Necklace! She is precise and almost mercenary when shopping… if it looks like something that everyone else is wearing, she will happily pass it by. She will only stop to look if something catches her eye. And not just any old necklace will be able to do that! Lucky for you, if your gift list includes this type of style maven, you will succeed in giving the gift of absolute chic couture and singular glamour when she unwraps this necklace!

The Hyacinth Necklace, designed by Bea Valdes, is beautifully and artfully handcrafted in the Philippines, from luxurious satin and strong metal alloy. Reminiscent of the decadent “Roaring 20s,” this necklace exudes the larger-than-life nature of fashion, both then and now. As the satin sit gracefully around her neck, the white blush color of the big stones and the necklace’s imposing length of 32 inches makes it a true “statement piece.” Bea Valdes also adds an element of eclectic “world traveler” feel to this necklace with her use of semi-precious stones, crystals, and sequins. Just when you think you have this piece classified into one fashion category, it surprises you by adding an unexpected twist or element…just like your style aficionado, right? Can you imagine her donning this necklace for a special dinner date, or a night out on the town with the girls? Knowing her, she might even layer it on with a simple t-shirt, pair of well-fitting jeans, and some killer heels to do a little “light shopping” in her favorite boutiques! For true fashion visionaries, this piece will long be a part of their ever-changing wardrobe.

The Hyacinth itself has been known to represent loveliness, beauty, individuality, and even rebirth. The Hyacinth Necklace from Bea Valdes encapsulates all those aspects, as well. Aesthetically striking, fashionably fabulous, she will absolutely adore this necklace! ($990)