Top 21 Flash Sale Websites To Find Daily Deals Online

top flash sale websites for daily deals

Flash sale (aka daily deal, deal of day, group buying) websites have gone through a number of changes over the years. The industry has seen a number of entrenched players either go bankrupt or consolidate. So how does the field of flash sales look in today’s uber competitive online shopping market? Surprisingly, quite healthy!

Check out the list of our favorite flash sale websites that are still banging out amazing daily deals for their members. In many cases, you can find tier 1 brand merchandise discounted from 50 to 70% off.  “Flash sale” websites offer massive discounts on brand name merchandise for a limited time (typically 1 – 3 days).  Items are grouped into “sales events” or can be sold as individually. New deals are typically added to flash sale websites on a daily basis at a set time of the day.

Flash Sale Shopping Tips

  • Check shipping policies closely –  In some cases it can take upwards of 4 – 6 weeks for products to arrive from a flash sale website. If you’re buying as a gift make sure to order a month or 2 before the big date to ensure the gift arrives on time. In general sites charge a flat rate for shipping and many offer a flat one time rate then free shipping for 30 days following the one time shipping payment.
  • Returns can be tricky – Make sure you check the return policies of the deal website before making a purchase. Also, check the individual item’s “return policy’ area on the product listing page as well to find out whether it’s returnable or final sale. Typically, items are returnable for store credit minus a return shipping fee. However, these policies vary widely for each flash sale site.
  • Comparison shop prices – Just because an item is in a flash sale does not necessarily mean it’s a good deal. Before you hit that buy now button make sure to do a little comparison shopping using google.
  • Cart items quickly when sales start – The best items in a flash sale are typically gone within minutes or the first hour if the sale is popular. If you are keen to get an item in a flash sale make sure to cart it immediately when the sale starts. A flash sale site will let you “reserve’ the item (and size) in your cart for up to 15 minutes before releasing the inventory for sale again. Flash sales sites tend to offer their new deals at a set time each day. Pro tip: Sign up for a flash sale site’s newsletter to find out about upcoming sales and then mark them on your calendar software with a notification to alert you so you don’t show up late.
  • Understand what you are buying – Flash sale websites are liquidating retail goods that are; customer returns, overstock, end of life or refurbished items. Ultimately, you’re buying items that did not sell or were returned the first time around.

The following list of our favorite flash sale websites is sorted by Alexa rank, which is an estimate of website traffic and popularity (a lower number is better).

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Top Flash Sale Websites (USA)

1. Groupon Goods

groupon goods flash sale

Alexa Rank: 243
Categories: fashion(men, women, kids), electronics, home, beauty, outdoors, auto, sports, toys
Shipping: Varies by deal.
Returns: Varies by deal.

Groupon started as a local deal website and developed into a multi billion dollar company. Groupon has branched out of their local only approach and now feature deals across most product categories. Their deal system offers deals on single products as opposed to the more popular model of showcasing sales events.

If you are buying electronics many of the deals are on refurbished products. Personally, I love buying refurbished products as you can really get some amazing deals but I mention it because I know “refurbished” isn’t everyones cup of tea. While not a “traditional” flash sale vendor the sheer amount of deals on offer puts Groupon at the top of my list.

2. Woot

woot flash sales

Alexa Rank: 589
Categories: home, electronics, computers, tools & garden, fashion, wine, kids
Shipping: $5 flat rate shipping.
Returns: Only allow returns on damaged or defective products.

Woot was the first daily deal website for electronics and has an active community of fans. Since it’s beginnings as an electronics flash sale site Woot has branched into home, fashion, tools & garden and even wine. Deals that are posted are for both single products and sales events. What makes Woot interesting is each deal page features in-depth sales statistics and also top comments from their discussion forums.

You won’t find much user interaction on product pages for most daily deal sites since the deals tend to time out before much interaction can be collected, but Woot has solved that problem with their forum integration. Woot has been acquired by Amazon and now allows you to login and checkout using your Amazon account and payment methods.

3. Zulily

zulily daily deals
Alexa Rank: 592
Categories: fashion (men, women, kids, babies), beauty, toys, home
Shipping: $5.95 flat rate. All day shopping, one time shipping.
Returns: 14 day returns. No returns on; intimate apparel, shapewear, swimsuits or rashguards, or any personalized items.

Zulily started as a place for Mom’s to shop and save on items for women, home and kids. The audience for Zulily is still dominated by women but they have expanded their product offerings to include men’s fashion. Most daily deals featured on Zulily are sales event based but there are a few single items for sale at any given time.

4. Gilt

gilt daily deals

Shop @ The Store:
Alexa Rank: 1,484
Categories: fashion (men, women, kids), home
Shipping: $9.95 flat rate shipping.
Returns: 21 day free returns on eligible products for Gilt credit. $7.95 return shipping fee charged on refunds. Return eligibility varies by product-type.

Gilt offers huge discounts on some of the most popular luxury fashion brands in the world. Gilt was one of the original sites that generated a buzz around the “flash sale” space. Originally Gilt was fashion focused but now includes daily deals on home décor items and also local deals through their sister website Gilt City.

If you are shopping for huge discounts on top fashion brands Gilt is your first stop. If you love brands like Givenchy, Cartier, Armani or Helmut Lang you will be right at home. Unlike many fashion flash sale sites Gilt allows customer returns.

5. LivingSocial Goods

livingsocial goods

Alexa Rank: 1,870
Categories: fashion (men, women), beauty, gadgets, home
Shipping: Varies by deal
Returns: Return within 14 days of delivery. Subject to returns processing fee of $7.99

Living Social began as a local deal and coupons website. Like Groupon, they have expanded their business to include daily deals on products. There is less of a focus on electronics at Living Social and their deals are really geared towards people looking to buy items priced under $50.

Living Social sorts their daily deals as single products and not grouped sales events. I’m more of a gadget junkie so I spend more time on Groupon but I found a great deal on a 3 day juice cleanse that I tried and loved at Living Social.

6. MyHabit

myhabit daily deals

Shop @ The Store:
Alexa Rank: 2,488
Categories: fashion (men, women, kids), home
Shipping: Free shipping over $99. $3.99 flat rate shipping under $99. Arrives in 4-6 days.
Returns: Return within 14 days of delivery. $3.99 return shipping fee. Refund to original payment method or Amazon gift card.

MyHabit is another fashion related flash sale site however this one is targeted more towards budget brands as opposed to luxury (but still showcases luxury brands as well). MyHabit is owned by Amazon and you can login and pay for items on MyHabit using your existing Amazon account, which was a big plus for me.

In addition, MyHabit has incorporated “Amazon Prime” shipping options allowing you to get free 2 day delivery on many items if you are a Prime member. MyHabit sorts their daily deals into “sales events” rather than single items. What I also love about MyHabit is they have SO MANY EVENTS going on at any one time. You can literally shop ‘til you drop and you won’t get through all the events.

7. Rue La La

ruelala flash sales

Shop @ The Store:
Alexa Rank: 3,908
Categories: fashion (men, women, kids), home, travel
Shipping: $9.95 flat rate shipping charged once, then free shipping for next 30 days.
Returns: Free returns if you accept RueLaLa credit or refund to original payment method minus return shipping fee.

Rue La La is a fashion and home décor based flash sale website similar to Gilt. They feature mostly luxury brands with all daily deals sorted into sales events. Rue La La offers what they call the “Rue 30” which allows you to pay a one time $9.95 fee to ship items and then enjoy free shipping for the next 30 days on any additional orders on their site.

If you’re a regular buyer of high-end fashion items this amounts to virtually “free shipping”.

8. HauteLook

hautelook daily deals

Shop @ The Store:
Alexa Rank: 4,225
Categories: fashion (men, women, kids), home, beauty
Shipping: Free shipping over $100.
Returns: Free 90 returns to Nordstrom Rack stores. $5.95 return shipping fee on mail in returns.

Hautelook is a daily deal website owned by Nordstrom and features sales events consisting of products from their Nordstrom Rack stores. Generally these products are left-overs that did not sell at Nordstrom’s main storefronts. There are a couple of aspects that make HauteLook particularly interesting.

First, they allow 90 day returns to Nordstrom Rack stores. None of the other sites on this list allow you to return items to a physical store which can be a huge plus.

Secondly, Hautelook offers free shipping on orders over $100. HauteLook is near the top of my personal list of favorites. I just love being able to return the items in person but do my shopping online. When I buy clothing I tend to purchase multiple items at once so the $100 threshold to get free shipping is easy to meet.

9. Touch of Modern

touch of modern  flash sales

Alexa Rank: 4,280
Categories: tech, gadgets, fashion (men, women), home
Shipping: $5.95 flat rate shipping on apparel. $5.99 – $24.99 for all others (based on purchase price of item).
Returns: No returns on final sale items (almost every item on the site is marked “final sale”).

Touch of Modern as the name implies, showcases a lot of modern home décor items as well as flashy gadgets and tech. Geared primarily towards men the site does also feature a limited selection of women’s apparel. Daily deals are sorted into sales events.

The interface is slick and simple, so simple in fact they don’t even have a search box! The focus at Touch of Modern is less sales events but make all of them interesting, cool items.

10. Choxi (formerly NoMoreRack)

choxi daily deals

Alexa Rank: 5,869
Categories: fashion (men, women, kids), electronics, home, lifestyle
Shipping: $2 flat rate shipping per item.
Returns: 30 day returns for Choxi credit or refund minus return shipping cost.

Choxi is a flash sale website that focuses on low to mid range brands primarily in the home, electronics and fashion categories. What stands out for me when using Choxi is just how massive the savings really are. It’s common to see over 80% – 90% off on items which is as good as it gets without being free.

Also, the sheer number of deals can be overwhelming. In order to find the deals you are interested in you often have to shuffle through pages of low quality items before you find something desirable. I think of Choxi as a site where I have to put in some work mining for gold.

Choxi sorts their daily deals both as single items and in sales events but is primarily event based.

11. Joss & Main

joss and main flash sales

Shop @ The Store:
Alexa Rank: 6,256
Categories: home
Shipping: $9.95 flat rate shipping on small items. Larger items vary by weight and size.
Returns: 14 day returns on eligible items. Shipping charges non refundable.

Joss & Main is my go-to home décor flash site. I love the laser focus they have solely on furniture, décor, rugs, lighting and all the other essentials you need for your home. The Joss & Main homepage showcases daily deals grouped into sales events however when using their category links you are shown the results as single items. Similar to Rue La La, Joss & Main allows you to pay a one time $9.95 flat rate to ship an order then receive free shipping on any subsequent orders placed within a 30 day window.

Since they sell a lot of bulky furniture items this free shipping deal is not available on every order. Joss & Main makes it clear on their listing pages which items do not qualify for this offer though so there is never any confusion. Another interesting feature is the “Loves Board” which allows you to showcase all of the items you have ever “liked” on Joss & Main in a Pinterest style board within your user account.

If you share your “Loves Board” on social media and it generates sign ups you can earn $15 after the newly signed up members make their first purchase. Generally, Joss & Main allows items to be returned for merchandise credit only.

12. Ideel (formerly Ideeli)

ideel daily deals

Alexa Rank: 7,377
Categories: fashion (men, women)
Shipping: $8.95 flat rate shipping on first order then 30 days free shipping.
Returns: 14 day returns minus $8.95 return shipping.

Ideel was acquired by Groupon and is primarily a discount fashion flash sale site focusing on the under $50 crowd for the majority of their offers. With sales event names like “Denim under $50”, “Tops under $30” and “Shoes up to 80% off” it’s pretty clear who Ideel are marketing their products to. Ideel charges a flat rate on shipping your first order then you get free shipping for the next 30 days similar to Joss & Main and Rue La La. Ideel allows returns on most new and unopened items.

13. One Kings Lane

one kings lane flash sales

Shop @ The Store:
Alexa Rank: 7,635
Categories: home
Shipping: Varies by size and weight.
Returns: 14 day returns minus $8.50 flat fee on small items or $200 flat fee on white glove items.

One King’s Lane is a home décor focused flash sale website. The items on One King’s Lane tend to be larger ticket items from high end or vintage brands. Sales on One King’s Lane are launched everyday and last 72 hours. What sets this site apart for me is they feature tag sales from “Tastemakers”, which are generally well known interior designers who have handpicked items they like and grouped them into a sale.

One King’s Lane allows returns within 14 days on their products unless otherwise noted on a product listing. For large or fragile items One King’s Lane offers a “white glove” delivery service which will make sure the item arrives undamaged to your home and then will move it into your home and perform light assembly on the item if required.

14. The Clymb

the clymb daily deals sports

Alexa Rank: 11,593
Categories: fitness apparel, sporting goods, outdoors
Shipping: $7.98 flat rate shipping (items priced over $200 may be subject to higher shipping costs).
Returns: 30 day returns for The Clymb credit minus $6.99 return shipping fee.

The Clymb is a fitness and outdoor focused daily deal site that features some amazing deals on clothing and gear. If you are into running, climbing, cycling, snowboarding, hiking etc. this is your one stop shop for deals for everything you need to perform those sports and activities.

The site features mostly well known brands but has items available at all price points. In addition, The Clymb offers flash sales on “adventures” which are outdoor activities in far away locations offered as a package deal at a cut rate price. Merchandise can be returned for credit.

15. Left Lane Sports

left lane sports daily deals

Alexa Rank: 14,472
Categories: sporting goods, sports apparel, outdoors
Shipping: Free shipping over $75.
Returns: 90 free returns if you accept Left Lane Sports credit. Refunds are subject to $8.95 return shipping fee

Left Lane Sports is flash sale website focused on footwear, fitness apparel and outdoor sporting gear similar to The Clymb. Left Lane Sports features daily deals from top brands in endurance, outdoor and action sports. Typical savings for items showcased on Left Lane Sports are in the 50 – 70% off range.

What I love about Left Lane Sports is they offer free shipping on orders over $75 and free returns (in the US). In case you haven’t noticed a theme I love free shipping!

16. JetSetter

jetsetter daily deals hotels

Alexa Rank: 19,618
Categories: hotels
Shipping: Nothing to ship.
Returns: All sales final. No returns or cancellations allowed.

JetSetter is your one stop shop to find daily deals on high end hotels worldwide. Utilizing a network of over 200 journalists JetSetter only lists hotels where they have had someone stay and verified it meets their “standards” which are high! JetSetter groups hotels into collections labeled; royal, posh and brilliant and as the names suggest everything listed is for A – listers.

JetSetter offers flash sales for 5 – 10 day periods where they offer up to 40% off select hotels and tours that have made the cut and appear in their collection. JetSetter was acquired by Trip Advisor in 2013 and features Trip Advisor widget integration on their hotel and tour listing pages to enhance the user experience.

Whether you are looking for a B&B in upstate New York or an all inclusive resort experience on the Mexican Riviera JetSetter has you covered.

17. Whisky Militia

whiskey militia daily deal

Alexa Rank: 53,125
Categories: action sports
Shipping: Varies by deal. Multiple orders can be grouped into one shipment.
Returns: 30 day return shipping. Customer must arrange return shipping.

Whiskey Militia is a true daily deal website. What makes it so interesting is they only feature one deal per day launched at midnight. If you are into surfing, skateboarding or snowboarding it’s worth checking this site out everyday to see what their current fix is.


plndr flash sales

Alexa Rank: 77,651
Categories: fashion (men, women)
Shipping: Flat rate shipping based on weight.
Returns: 30 day returns minus shipping costs for store credit or exchange only (no refunds).

PLNDR (pronounced plunder) is a fashion focused flash sale website that offers the best in “streetwear” brands at up to 80% off retail. Sales on PLNDR last from 48 – 72 hours at a time and tend to feature low to mid cost items geared towards a younger crowd.

Most of the items listed are under $50 and I was only able to find a handful of items over $100. If you do manage to create an order over $100 PLDNR offers free shipping!

19. Belle & Clive

belle and clive daily deals

Alexa Rank: 104,174
Categories: fashion (men, women)
Shipping: $7.95 flat rate shipping.
Returns: 21 day returns minus return shipping fees.

Belle & Clive is a fashion focused flash sale site owned by discount retailer BlueFly. Belle & Clive offers big savings on hand picked items from designer brands. Belle & Clive take a “less is more” approach in that they only have a handful of ongoing sales at any one time but every item and sale features only the best of the best fashion products that are trending at that moment in time.

If you don’t have a lot of time to “browse” Belle & Clive’s limited number of sales that “cut to the chase” will definitely appeal to you. Events are launched at 11:30am EST each day and last from 48 to 72 hours.

20. DoggyLoot

doggyloot pet flash sales

Alexa Rank: 162,396
Categories: dog supplies
Shipping: Free shipping on all orders.
Returns: No returns or refunds. All sales are final.

DoggyLoot is the only pet supply website to make this list. As the name implies DoggyLoot features flash sales for dog related products only including; chews, toys, treats, furniture and more. Every item is handpicked for quality and no edibles are sourced from China. DoggyLoot offers free shipping on all orders and the ability to set up monthly subscriptions on some of their edible products. If you are dog owner this is your one stop shop to pamper your pooch while saving some big bucks.

21. Lot 18

lot 18 flash sales wine

Alexa Rank: 167,415
Categories: wine
Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $149. $12.99 flat rate shipping on orders under $149.
Returns: No returns or refunds. All sales are final unless product arrives damaged.

What flash sale list would be complete without at least one alcohol related listing? Luckily, this list won’t have that problem as we have included Lot 18 which is the premier flash sale site for wine lovers. Lot 18 stocks wines from all over the world at all price points.

Lot 18 launched a feature they call the “Tasting Room” where they send you a 6 mini bottle taster pack of wines. You rate the 6 wines from the taster pack from which a taste profile is developed. Lot 18 then uses this taste profile to set up a quarterly 12 bottle subscription using wines that match your taste profile.

Wines offered in the “tasting room” are delivered with savings of up to 40% off retail pricing. Nothing like taking a load off with some wine and saving money at the same time. Shipping is free on orders over $150!


Edit – Dec 21, 2015: 4 sites added!

Thanks to readers for submitting the following daily deals sites which we are including in this update.

Edit – Dec 22, 2015: 7 more sites added!

We have added European and Aussie entries today.

Edit – Dec 23, 2015: 13 new sites added!

European and Asian sites added today.


(More) USA Flash Sale Websites

1. Amazon Gold Box Deals – The online shopping giant Amazon has a daily deals section on their website dubbed “Gold Box deals”. Products in these daily deals run the gamut from electronics to home and everything in between. Price points and discount amounts are all over the map as well.

2. Wayfair – Wayfair is a discount furniture site offering daily deals up to 70% off. Site is run by the same guys that brought you Joss & Main.

3. GroopDealz – GroopDealz is a daily deal site geared towards women offering lower ticket fashion, jewelry and beauty products up to 85% off.

4. Beyond the Rack – Flash sale site specializing in designer brand apparel and home decor items. Sales start twice daily and last for 48 hours.

5. She Steals – Steals is a US based flash sale site targeted at Mom’s that offers 4 new flash sales per day: for her, for baby, for kid and “scrapbooking”. Although US based, Steals is able to ship to 220 countries worldwide. Steals has a gamification angle called “Steal Points” which you can get for performing various actions on their website. These Steal Points can be cashed in against purchases where 100 Steal Points = $1.


European Flash Sale Websites

1. Secret SalesUnited Kingdom – Secret Sales is a UK based flash sale site serving the entire EU featuring men’s & women’s fashion as well as home decor related items. Secret Sales features 100’s of well known brands from 30 – 70% off retail. 14 day returns.

2. Vente PriveeFrance – French based flash sale website servicing the large countries of continental Europe. Boasts over 2,600 fashion and home brands from 50 – 70% off. Sales events last an average of 4 days.

3. AchicaUnited Kingdom – UK based flash sale site offering luxury home decor brands at up to 70% off retail prices. Sales last up to 48 hours. Free delivery on orders over 200 pounds.

4. Espace MAXFrance – Private shopping club offering flash sales on fashion, beauty and home brands up to 70% off. Based out of France but has a presence in most Western European countries including the UK. Free shipping on orders over 60 euro. Also known as “Private Outlet” – FR, IT, DE, ES.

5. Amazon BuyVIPSpain, Italy, Germany – was launched in 2006 as member’s only flash sale site in Spain and Germany. Amazon acquired BuyVIP in 2010 and rebranded it “Amazon BuyVIP”. Currently, there are 3 country portals sites. ES, IT, DE . Similar to MyHabit in the US, you can login and checkout using your Amazon account on the BuyVIP suite of sites. Product categories include fashion and home decor.

6. CocosaUnited Kingdom – Member’s only daily deals website offering top brands in fashion, beauty, home and wine up to 80% off. Based in the UK, Cocosa has warehouses in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore where they ship from. Sales last from 1 – 3 days.

7. Fashion FriendsSwitzerland – Swiss based flash sale website featuring top fashion, beauty, lifestyle and toys brands. New sales launch everyday and last from 1 to 5 days.

8. Kupi VIPRussia – The lone Russian entry on this list. Kupi launches 120 flash sales a day primarily on fashion items. Sales last from a few hours up to 3 days. Kupi VIP also offers a VIP membership which can get you access to their sales from 30 minutes to 1 hour in advance of regular members.

9. PrivaliaSpain – Based in Spain but also services Brazil, Mexico and Italy.  Privalia features flash sales for fashion, sports, kids and home decor.

10. Vente ExclusiveNetherlands – Fashion and lifestyle flash sale site based in the Netherlands also serving Belgium. Offering up to 70% off on over 700 high end brands.


Australian Flash Sale Websites

1. Temple & Webster – Aussie based home decor flash sale site. Sales last 3 – 5 days. 30 day returns.

2. The Home  – Aussie based home decor deal site. Designer brands.

3. Brands Exclusive  – As the name implies these guys stock designer high end brand apparel. They stock women’s, men’s and kid’s clothing in addition to home decor and beauty. Sales last longer on this site than most flash site sites. I’ve seen sales as long as 2 weeks or more.

4. OZ Sale  – Another Aussie based fashion flash sale site. This one ships to New Zealand and some South Asian countries though in addition to Australia. Fashion, home and beauty products primarily. They offer an annual “VIP Membership” for $50 which gets you priority access to their sales ahead of the crowd.


Asian Flash Sale Websites

1. Brandsfever – India – Up to 80% off on top fashion brands for men, women and kids.

2. Fashion And YouIndia – India based fashion and home flash sale website. Fashion and You adds 20 new sales each day offering up to 80% off over 1500 top fashion brands.

3. ReebonzSingapore – Singapore based flash sale website offering new and pre-owned luxury items. Flash sales last between 2 and 3 days on new merchandise. Pre-owned merchandise is not sold in flash sales.  Reebonz also has a buy back / trade in program.

4. VIP – China – Chinese based flash sale site offering fashion, make up, home and travel products.


If you are a daily deal junky like me you will want to consider using as your one stop shop for top deals of the day. We aggregate daily deals and flash sales events from all of the leading deal based websites in one place so you can browse and shop them all at once!

Did we miss any of your favorites? If so, let us know in the comments below.