Top 5 Ways to Accessorize a Black Outfit

woman in black dress wearing accessories

Every woman knows that the little black dress is perfect for almost any occasion. She knows that wearing black can be slimming, if worn correctly. She also knows that making a black outfit look great is simple. There are many ways to change a black outfit and make it look differently. Here are the top five ways to accessorize a black outfit.

Tip 1: Accessorize

Nothing changes and outfit more than the right accessories. If you are wearing an all black outfit, add a chunky necklace in gold, silver, or jewel tones. A great belt can add a splash of color or sparkle to the black. Do not forget to the handbag. The right handbag can add flair to any black outfit. Make sure the accessories match the outfit. This way, you will be stylish and appropriate. Match the accessories to the event.

If you are wearing all black to work, then you do not want to wear jewelry that you would wear for an evening out. On the other hand, if you are wearing a black outfit for an evening out, you may want to wear wide belts and chunky jewelry. Remember your glasses. Do not try to match your glasses to your outfit; however, black or brown frames tend to match anything, including a black outfit.

Tip 2: Shoes

Shoes make the foundation of any outfit. The perfect shoes can change your ensemble from average to fabulous. Think about a few things before you pick your shoes. First, where are you going? Are you heading to the office or out dancing? How long will you be wearing the shoes, all day or a couple of hours? Will the shoes change the look of the outfit or will they keep consistency with what you are wearing?

Each of these questions can help determine the shoes to wear. You should choose shoes that are comfortable and make a statement. If you are going to be in the shoes for a long time, wedges or kitten heels would be best. If you are only going to wear them for a couple of hours or less, then stilettos or pumps may be in order. If you want a shoe that is going to change the entire look of the outfit, try a color, metallic, or patterned shoe. If you are looking for consistency, a black shoe with a little sparkle or shine will hold the outfit together.

Tip 3: Hair

How you wear your hair will determine how the outfit feels. If you typically wear your hair up in a bun, try wearing it in a pony tail for a change. A new hair style may make you look younger or more approachable. Hair accessories, like clips, bows, and bands, are a great way to make your hair look different. They can also make your hair tie into your outfit. Hair accessories can be used to add a sparkle or color to the outfit.

Tip 4: Color

If you are wearing a black outfit, it can seem boring. Adding a splash of color using key accessories can make the outfit. Use a scarf as a belt, hair band, or around your neck. This can draw attention to the colors and hide flaws you do not want seen. Use necklaces, earrings, and rings to add a little color. Do not go crazy. Make sure the pieces coordinate so you are not wearing purple earrings, yellow necklaces, and a blue ring. Remember to use color to accentuate your skin tone and eyes.

Tip 5: Senses

Most of the time, people will see what you are wearing. However, there are times that they will feel what you are wearing, like if they hug you. Soft fabrics are best if you are going to be in close contact with people. This softens their sense of touch. People may also smell you. Wear a light fragrance if you are going to in a room full of people. You do not want to overpower all the other smells that will be present. Find ways to incorporate all five senses into your outfit so that people do not only see you.

Black outfits do not have to be boring. They can shine with the right accessories. Adding the right shoes can make a statement for a black outfit. Figuring out the right way to do your hair for your outfit will make you stand out in a crowd. Add a splash of color to a black outfit to give it a little pizzazz. Use all five senses, sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste, when picking the perfect black outfit. Taste might be hard to figure out, but the right fragrance can make people ìtasteî what you are wearing. These are the top five ways to accessorize a black outfit.