What Are Six Unique Gifts To Consider For the Eco-Friendly Conscious IN 2013?

Portable-Solar-Battery-Power-Pack-for-iPhone-5Eco-friendly gifts for the environmentalist in your life do not have to be hard to find or expensive. Being earth friendly doesn’t mean that you have to start growing your own food. The hallmark of being eco-friendly is for something to be organic, recycled, or natural.  Little changes do add up, and they can make a difference. These green gifts are guaranteed to make your favorite tree hugger happy, and they will feel good to give too.

Here’s our top 6 picks for gifts that make a nod to Mother Earth:

1) Panasonic Emergency Flashlight – Often described as the most versatile flashlight on the market today, this flashlight is capable of offering up to 86 hours of power when needed. You might be thinking “Hold on. How is this eco-friendly?” The answer lies in the fact that this light can operate off of any battery, including AAA, AA, C & D batteries. Batteries are often considered one of the most wasteful items on the planet, but with this flashlight, you can ensure that you milk every last drop of power from one before disposing of it.


2) Solar Powered Field Desk – Now, you can bring your office right out into the middle of nature. This mobile work station operates off of solar power, and when fully charged, it offers 240 watts of juice for your use. There are several 5V and 12V options to choose from, and the desk offers a charging area to power other electronics and can accommodate three solar panels at once. The only downside is that now you can’t tell your boss you can’t work because you’re on vacation.


3) Portable iPhone Solar Battery Pack – Compatible with all iPhones, except the 5, this battery pack can recharge your iPhone with or without exposure to the sun. When sunlight isn’t available, it can be recharged via USB power. A handy LED light indicates the current status of the battery. Weighing less than an ounce, it can easily travel with you.


4) Nokero Solar Light Bulb – Never use a traditional light bulb again! Capable of lasting up to 6 hours, this light bulb features 4 LED lights. It can be used for camping but also around your home for everyday use. This is the world’s only solar light bulb. It is 100% waterproof, has two different settings, and the pivoting head allows the light to be directed precisely where it is needed. When surrounded by brighter light than what it is producing, the light bulb will automatically shut itself off. Hang it anywhere. It will save energy.


5) Nine Stories Elsie Series Reclaimed Tables – Go green with home décor! Nine Stories produces artful pieces for the home that are made from discarded sheet metal. Of course, each piece has some wear and tear, but this infuses each table with its own unique, personality. Each panel is hand selected and removed from an automobile in order to preserve as much of the factory finish as possible. Because the makers do not repaint over each piece, each one of these tables has a fabulous vintage texture. This unique aesthetic would be hard to find anywhere else!


6) Parachute Hoodies – One of the coolest things about the modern, eco-friendly movement is that it infuses all aspects of our lives, including clothing. This hoodies are works of art in and of themselves. Each of these awesome hoodies is constructed from old Swiss military airbrake parachutes. Each one is made of two distinct colors: white and orange. Handcrafted to exact specifications, for an additional recycling bonus, each uses jersey cuffs ripped out of military balaclavas as binders for the hoodie’s seams.