What are the Most Fashionable and Cool Gift Ideas for my Girlfriend?

Girls aren’t that complicated, guys. Girls love love. They want to know they’re appreciated and cared for, they want to know you think about them when you’re not together. It’s as simple as that. So, armed with this key to understanding your girlfriend, you are now ready to go out and get her something that will hit a home-run in the game of love!

  • Write her a customized “Book of Us” – With adorable and childlike stick figures, you can retell the story of how you met. Or create a book devoted to the reasons you love her. Maybe write about where your relationship is now, and where you hope to be in the future. Thanks to Love Book Online, you can craft a one-of-a-kind, totally unique keepsake that she will treasure forever. ($29.95-39.95)
  • Comfy personalized pillow – Why not commemorate the moment you met? What about the first time you knew you loved her? Or your first date? These are all very important moments to you as a couple. And think of how perfect that special moment will look as a gorgeous decorative personalized pillow, displayed on the couch or the bed! Thoughtful and practical! TheStore.com makes it easy to choose the design the color and the sentiment, made-to-order for your love! ($34.95)
  • Pack a romantic picnic – But this won’t be just any picnic! With this sophisticated, insulated picnic backpack from Thestore.com, you two can hike to your favorite spot by the lake or in the park or at the beach and enjoy a gourmet, romantic meal…complete with wine and goblets! Everything you might need for a perfect rendezvous, all in one compact carrying case. She’ll love the complexity of it, and the simplicity of the sentiment…but she’ll love the “together” time most of all. ($79.95)
  • Love-etched tree print – Sometimes you just don’t have the opportunity to stroll through a sun-dappled forest and stop to carve your initials in a tree. Well, thanks to the stunning and realistic Summer Love Tree Print from Personal Creations, you don’t have to! In three lines, up to 10 characters per line, and any numeric date of your choosing, your touching print will come framed in glass and ready to proudly display in your home! ($29.99)
  • Ultimate bath time relaxation – Any woman loves to be pampered. And you will definitely win some points by having this beautiful and elaborate Superior Lavender Relaxation Spa Set from Cherry Moon Farms delivered to her door! Complete with lavender scented bath gel, bubble bath, bath salts, and bath bomb fizzer…as well as a wooden massager, loofah sponge, slippers, and 100% cotton waffle weave kimono style bathrobe…she will have no doubt that you are the best boyfriend in the world! ($79.98)
  • Can’t go wrong with jewelry – Let’s face it, men know that most women love jewelry. And because of that, it may be thought of as the “easy” choice as a gift. But when the “jewelry” is a finely-crafted ancient symbol of undying love…now that’s a statement! BlueNile.com presents this stunning sterling silver Celtic love knot necklace. Classic…eternal…perfect. Understated enough to wear every day, beautiful enough to never take it off! ($59)

There you have it. Great ideas for perfect, simple gifts that won’t break the bank, but that will speak volumes of your love! For the woman who has your heart…show her you know  just what a treasure she is!

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