White Gold and Grey Diamond Wings Phalanx Ring: A Gift Like No Other for a Girl Like No Other!

White Gold and Grey Diamond Wings Phalanx RingStunning, breathtaking, unique…this White Gold and Grey Diamond Wings Phalanx Ring will echo all the reasons why you love her! She’s a classic, a fashionista, and a true individual. But she also has a fierce and loving heart. Ancient peoples would erect statues celebrating her, Renaissance masters would paint her likeness on canvas. That is what she means to you. Giving a gift befitting such a woman is no easy task! But she will no doubt be overwhelmed when she sees this remarkable token of your love and admiration shining up from her hand!

Designed by Elise Dray, this White Gold and Grey Diamond Wings Phalanx Ring is indeed a piece of singular beauty and design.  Having studied jewelry and goldsmithing in Paris, Dray based this ring on her love of nature. Wings are created from dozens of round, multi-faceted grey diamonds, set in fine white gold, measuring an impressive and bold 16 mm. In fact, the Greek word “phalanx” actually means “finger.” It also later came to mean a “group, standing or moving closely together.” Yes, that too can be said of this phalanx of diamonds, wrapping protectively around her finger. The ring is an impeccable, dreamlike, gleaming reflection of both her strength and her beauty, as well as your love.

In your eyes, the Crown Jewels wouldn’t suffice to show your feelings for her! She means the world to you. You know, without a doubt, that there is no one else like her. So why shouldn’t she have a piece of fine, unique jewelry to match? And this magnificent White Gold and Grey Diamond Wings Phalanx Ring couldn’t be more perfect if it was commissioned only with her in mind! She will love it for a lifetime! ($5,090)