Why Dr. Martens Will Be The Next It-Shoe.

48eb3a6ab4278f7a2f3662444f2264d9Guess what, a 90’s staple from Cool Britannia is set to make a big comeback in 2015! Don’t worry it’s not the Spice Girls. Once you get tired of wearing sneakers with everything (so 2014!), be prepared to welcome Dr. Martens shoes back into your life. As always, we at TheStore24/7 like to stay ahead of the trends, so here are 4 awesome ways to style your chunky oxfords now.


1. Walk on the bright side

February is probably the worst month of the year. All the good parts of winter (first snow, Christmas, New Years morning) are over, which means you have no excuse to eat copious amounts of food and watch TV anymore but it is still grey and cold with no end in sight. Cheer yourself up with a bright shoe. At times when you can’t be bothered to dress up, an unexpected pop of neon yellow or electric fuchsia will add some zest to an otherwise bland outfit. Bright colors are not your thing? Metallics or floral prints can be equally fun.

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 2. Toughen up a girly dress

Wear а pastel, chiffon sundress with ballet flats or dainty mules and you risk looking like someone whose Instagram consists entirely of girl power quotes and pictures of cupcakes or her cat. Ditch the fluff and toughen up your ultra-feminine pieces with a bulky shoe. There is something inherently sexy iabout girl who wears masculine pieces with confidence, so next time you are in doubt how to style a long flowy skirt or a little floral dress, just remember that opposites attract and reach for your Dr. Martens.

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3. Wear white after Labor day.

A pure, white shoe looks incredibly modern and unexpected. It’s so refreshing in a sea of sneakers and will liven up any old jeans and a t-shirt. For extra points play on the stark contrast of black and white and add a graphic element like a stripe or a polka dot. Check out the coat in one of the above pics for inspiration. (Yes, we know it’s a boy, but damn he looks cute!). And with the good old Dr. Martens you don’t have to be afraid of every puddle or grass patch, shoes that tough will still be there and look brand new when they are back to being trendy a decade later. Wear them with everything and be the coolest lid on the block

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4.  Avoid being too smart

Think Doc Martens are made for young kids and casual outings? Think again! The ladies above are great examples of how you can add a touch of irony to an otherwise grown-up and elegant ensemble. Don’t be afraid to try them with an elegant dress or a glamorous coat. Just make sure you pick a “serious” color such as black, silver or beige. Other chic options to consider: patent leather and faux animal skins. Finish the look with a fancy bag and a polished hairstyle.

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