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Let’s face it. Sometimes you just can’t be bothered to dress up to go grab a burger with some girlfriends or just run a bunch of errands. Cara Delevingne to the rescue! The British heiress and it-girl of the moment (Even her eyebrows have their own twitter account with way more followers then you do.) has the comfy but cool look down to an easy formula. Start with some track pants. Hooray for elastic waists, please supersize those French fries! But instead of your regular stretched out, boring ones invest in a fancy pair. Don’t be scared of bold colors or funky prints.The crazier they are, the more it will seem like you are making a fashion statement instead of a way out of getting dressed properly.


If your style is a bit more sophisticated, pick a dark color with a contrasting trim or an old school plaid.

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Let the world know where you stand without ever opening your mouth by wearing a t-shirt or a sweatshirt that makes a statement or pledges your allegiance to a rock band (bonus points if your boyfriend is in it). Don’t frown at brand logos either; they are making a bit comeback, just ask Jeremy Scott.

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Now add a biker jacket or an army jacket to give your relaxed, slouchy look a harder edge and make sure it’s fitted to balance out the proportions. Accessorize with a sleek black or white sneaker. Anything colorful would make the look too sporty.

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Cover up a slept in hairstyle with a fun beanie or baseball hat. Miss Delevingne has an extensive collection of both and you’d better start building one too if you plan to make this look your weekend staple. This way your friends will be excited to see what hat you’ll turn up in each time. A pair of sunglasses in an offbeat shape or color will perfectly camouflage lack of sleep or/and mascara. And if all else fails use Cara trademark goofy grin, because a smile can hide a multitude of sins.

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