Be The Star Of the Party with 4 Grammy’s Red Carpet Trends

Now that the Grammy’s are over and everyone has had a chance to put in their 5 cents on whether Rihanna looked cool or resembled a giant pink cupcake let’s discuss how to adapt the 4 main red carpet trends to real life.



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Seems like there was a memo going around before the ceremony saying that cutouts are the next big thing, as slashes, sheer panels, cuts, gaps, voids, hollow, and other kinds of holes have taken over the red carpet. They are great for a night out dancing as well, as they show a bit of skin without making you look like a street walker and make the most demure outfit seem risqué. Make sure to use some fashion tape to hold things in place if the cutouts are near, ahem, “strategic” areas.

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“Shine bright like a diamond” – sang Rihanna last year and the music world took notice. You almost needed to wear sunglasses on the red carpet t not be blinded by the see of sequins, palettes and rhinestones. Just remember that anything glittery is self-sufficient enough to not need extra accessories and don’t leave the house wearing a shiny bathrobe if your husband doesn’t habitually call himself Yeezus. Otherwise nothing says let’s get the party started like some sparkle (and sparkling wine)!

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Wanna stand out in a sea of shine and OTT ball gowns? Wear a sleek menswear inspired suit like presenter Anna Kendrick and Danielle of the Haim sisters trio. Feeling extra adventurous? Find a jacket with a funky print like Jenny Lewis or grab a pink marabou wrap like Charlie XCX. 

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 Sheer black

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We all know black is a red carpet classic but adding some transparent fabric gives it a whole other dimension and leaves everyone guessing whether it is really see-through or just an illusion. If this trend is good enough for the Queen B herself – Mrs Carter, then you should definitely try it out for yourself. Though in real life think twice about showing you knickers to the entire world like Jessie J. It’s much sexier to leave something to imagination.

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