Our Last-minute Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her


Hi guys, that bloodcurdling, hair-raising moment when you have to buy a Valentine’s day gift is here again and no, you will not suddenly be sent on a space mission to save the Earth like Matthew McConaghuey in Interstellar. But fear not, we got you covered! Our editors have looked far and wide on the vast plains of the Internet and put together a guide of presents for every budget and relationship status.

For your fashion industry hottie

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Ladies are notoriously hard to please. One day she is all about swanky high heels and pencil skirts, the next, all she wants to wear are sneakers. Yes, it is really hard to give us fashion gifts that we will honestly like and yes, we preffer unromantic giftcards to a dress that we wouldn’t be seen dead in. However, there is one exception – designer handbags! To be safe pick one in a classic shape and a neutral color, such as black, brown, beige or grey

For a girl who not only has a sense of style, but a sense of humour as well.

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Wanna be kissed all over? Give her a hint with this kick-ass lips necklace from It costume jewelry brand Yazbukey. It’s one of those pieces that has the power to transform even the most boring outfit into a remarkable one and she’ll definitely be impressed with how knowledgeable you are in the world of fashion accessories. (Just don’t tell her you go some help from us)

For your female BFF

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Let her know that she can always stand under your umbrella (ella ella, eh eh eh) with this stylish clear and bright number. This would also make a great gift of a girl you are not romantically involved with. Good friends need some love too and they will be the ones who’ll share an umbrella with you if your relationship turns sour.

For a great night in together

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Scented candles? The lamest gift ever right? Not if they are from legendary Parisian fragrance house L’artisan Parfumeur that started the whole niche perfume trend almost 40 years ago. Some of the best perfume artists in the world have lent their noses to the brand and created their unique scent. So you can be sure that every time she lights it , her place will feel like a suite at the Bristol. Much cheaper than an actual trip to Paris.

Because you are happy (to be with her of course)

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Let her know how happy she makes you with this cute T-shirt from Sundry. This will be the kind of giving because she will think of you in bed, at the gym, at the beach or wherever else she will choose to wear it.

For making her every day a little more fun.

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Anything that makes boring everyday routines or early mornings a little more fun is a good present in our book. This fun little guy does both and puts a smile on your face every time you touch it.

For a stylish bookie

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Remember how we said that buying gifts for die-hard fashionistas is incredibly difficult? Well, there is another exception to that rule – beautiful, large coffee table books published by Assouline. Our pick – American Fashion that celebrates 8 decades of fashion history in the United States and showcases work of more than a hundred designers. Who knew you can be glamorous and patriotic at the same time.

For your “honeybunnysweetiepie”

[thestore sku=”TSD4CJPWD6″]

This is a great gift if you are madly-Tom-Cruise-couch-jumping kind of in love. It would actually make sense to get two of those rings, so you both can wear them and let the world know that you are taken and sooooo happy about it.

For your love nest

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All you need is love, so give some that will be there when you are not. This canvas print will not only make you think of romance every time it catches your eye but will be a nice focal point in almost any apartment (unless you live in Louis XIV style palace that is ).   It’s also very Feng-shui to have this in your bedroom as it will bring some good’n’sexy vibes.

For the ultimate #sweepherofherfeet romantic gesture

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If you want to go all out and pull a “Richard Gere in Pretty Woman kind of stunt agree to meet in a fancy-schmancy hotel room, present her with fancy-schmancy dress in a fancy-schmancy big box with a big fancy-schmancy bow, after she dries tears of happiness make her wear it and take her to a fancy-schmancy restaurant. Now the climax of all this would be a box with a fancy-schmancy engagement ring, but that part we’ll leave up to you.

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