Get Her Look – Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad

blondesaladfinalCould you ever imagine that Harvard MBA students would be seriously studying something called a Blonde Salad? Well, welcome to 2015, Chiara Ferragni, the Italian founder of said fashion blog is forgoing the beginning of NYFW in order to help students study how her blog became a multimillion dollar business. Elle Woods would be so proud, although Chiara is not even really blonde!. To celebrate the success of a fashion industry fellow who is both beautiful and brainy, we show you how to recreate three of her best looks.

Look 1


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This look is based on a fashion formula that never fails – a graphic black and white combinations accessorises with a bright pop of color. We decided to go one step further than Chiara and added a brocade pair shorts for a more interesting combination of textures. A great look for a relaxed Sunday brunch with your girlfriends.

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Look 2


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Chiara always manages to pull together looks that are easy and relaxed,  but at the same time street-style photographer worthy. The first secret – always wear one statement piece with your basics. It can be a wide-brimmed hat, an eye-catching bag of a traffic-stopping red and black coat. Secret number two – always make sure you have a perfect blow-out and flawless natural make-up, this way you can practically wear a potato sack and still look pulled together.

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Look 3


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We are absolutely in love with the way Chiara paired s boho beaded skirt and hat with classics like a white shirt and a black blazer and a devil may care flat motorcycle boot.  Take note and don’t be afraid to experiment with styles and even decades that don’t seem to fit together at all at first. When in doubt whether you look like a hot fashionista or the village idiot, send a picture of your look to a trusted friend for a second opinion. Better safe, than sorry)

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Which of Chiara’s looks do you like best?

For more inspiration check out her blog The Blonde Salad

And follow her on Instagram