How To Rock Light Colours Like The Stars At the Oscars.

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You can debate all you want whether the Oscar statuettes are in the right hands but one thing is unquestionable – the red carpet was ruled by light-colored gowns. We feel that in real life this trend is often overlooked, as a lot of people think that white, blush or ivory just doesn’t look good on them. To change that misconception once and for all and to let you enjoy the lighter side of life, we have created the ultimate guide to finding the right light hue for your skin tone.

First thing you need to do is figure out whether you have cool of warm undertones. Your skin’s undertone is the color underneath the surface. You can have the same skin color as someone, but a different undertone, which are broken down like this:

Cool (pink, red or bluish undertones)

Warm (yellow, peachy, golden undertones)

Neutral (a mix of warm and cool undertones)

There are three tests you can do to determine which one you have.

  1. Find two pieces of paper, t-shirts, towel, any piece of fabric, one in dazzling white, the other in cream or ivory. Stand in from of the mirror and alternate holding the pieces of paper next to your face. One is bound to make you look well-rested and your eyes to seem brighter, while the other will make your complexion look sallow and drawn out. If you llok better with cream – your undertones are warm, white – cool.
  2. The jewelry test. What jewelry make you look better when worn next to the face? If it is silver, you have cool undertones, while warm skinned girls look better in gold.
  3. Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. Are they blue or green? If they look more blue, you likely have cool undertones. If the veins look greenish, you’re warm.

And now for the fun part. If you are cool wear:

 Bright white

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If you skin tone is cool, you are probably an icy blond like Reese Whitherspoon or a pale and interesting brunette like Marion Cottilard and will look stunning in pure, crisp white. Intimidated of looking too pale? Choose a white outfit with a contrasting color detail nearest to your face, like the dress Reese chose for the Oscar’s.

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Icy Pinks

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Another option that will look fabulous on you is icy pink, no wonder cool-colored Gwyneth Paltrow keeps going back to it as her color of choice for the Oscars (remember her “Shakespeare in love” princess gown? It actually has its own page on Wikipedia). The color looks winning against dark skin as well, just look at the stunning Viola Davis in her best red carpet look to date.

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If your skin tone is warm wear:

Warm cream

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Warm skinned girls need not shy away from white, they just need to choose warmer shades of cream or ivory like red-haired Oscar winner Julianne Moore who looked fabulous in a strapless ivory gown.

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Pale gold

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Another great option for you is nude or pale gold, that will cast a winning warm glow on your skin just like it did for Jennifer Aniston. Make sure you stick to golds and beiges in your make up as well and wear a bit of bronzer, so you don’t blend in with the dress.

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