Get Her Look – Alexa Chung, The Coolest Girl In London

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In honor of London fashion week we decided to dissect the style of the Alexa Chung – the poster girl of British cool. Here are three things that you must have at your disposal if you want to emulate this It-girls style.

Mini skirt

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Mini-skirt became a hit among the stylish Mod crowd in swinging sixties London and have been part of a cool downtowners uniform ever since. They are surprisingly easy to wear too with a couple of styling tricks. First, the shorter the skirt, the longer your legs seem, which makes micro-minis a perfect companion for comfy flats and stylish loafers. However, if you are still self-conscious about your legs, you can always wear them with dark, opaque tights just like they did in the 60’s. Take cue from Alexa and wear your mini with a roomier top. You are going for street style blogger cool, not streetwalker body-con here.

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Breton top

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The original striped top was introduced as part of the navy uniform in 19th century Brittany, France, hence the name Breton stripe. It originally features exactly 21 stripes, one for each of Napoleons victories. In our time the color, width and number of stripes may vary, but having an array of striped tops is an absolute must for every fashionista. Just throw it on over skinny jeans or denim cut-offs with some ballet flats like Alexa and your lazy Sunday morning look is suddenly all timeless, Parisian chic.

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 Trench coat

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Finally, an English rose’s wardrobe is complete with the ultimate British wardrobe staple = a classic trench. It’s perfect not only for rainy London days, but worn over dresses to the office or over jeans on the weekend. It’s versatile, goes with everything and makes you look put together the moment you put it on. Choose classic beige or get creative with navy or plaid.

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