Kendall Jenner- 3 Ways To Look Like The Supermodel Du Jour

Images via, Nymag,com,

Images via, Nymag,com,

The latest fashion weeks have made it official – Kendal Jenner is the hottest supermodel on the planet right now. This pretty 19 year old is well on her way to becoming the most interesting and well-dressed of the Kardashian clan. She wears the latest fashions on the runway, has designers scrambling to dress her for red carpet events, but the what we find most interesting is her off-duty street style. There are three items that she has truly made her own and if you want to copy her style, they are the first things you should invest in.

1. Leather leggings

Images via, Nymag,com,

Images via, Nymag,com,

These multitasking pants will add an edge to even the most lazy, casual outfit. They are way sexier and more luxurious then jeans but just as versatile. Wear with t-shirts, sweaters, denim or dress shirts and whatever else you have in your wardrobe. In general, they are very flattering but if you are self conscious about your lower half, just put on a top that covers it or a long cardigan like Kendall.

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2. Knit Dress + Over the knee boots

Images via, Nymag,com,

Images via, Nymag,com,

Another easy but potent combo that Kendall keeps going back to is wearing a cozy knit dress with killer over the knee boots. It lets you stay warm and not look overdressed while showing a very seductive sliver of skin. A perfect outfit for a movie date with that hottie you just started seeing.

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3. Classic coat

Images via, Nymag,com,

Images via, Nymag,com,

We have a feeling that Kendall has a special closet just for her coats, as she definitely has a very extensive collection. She is right to do so, a structured, classic coat will pull together almost any outfit and give it a polished, grown up look. Be it jeans, mini skirt or the leather pants that we have discussed above, an elegant coat will add just the right amount of sophistication to all of them and hide a multitude of fashion sins if needed.

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