How To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe Like The Pros (Part1)


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Don’t you always feel an urge to refresh your look (and your life) the moment the sun comes out in spring? Your first impulse might be to just hit the stores and buy a few new things in line with the latest trends. Stop now! Having great style takes some work and planning and before you pull out your credit card to shop for the new season you must sort out your existing wardrobe. A wardrobe detox should be done every six months. Some people pay professional services for this service but we will give you all their secrets for free. It takes some time and effort on your part but you will thank us in the long run. To make things less overwhelming we have created our easy and efficient guide on wardrobe spring cleaning.

 1 Prepare yourself


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To do this right you will need some time, so don’t plan anything big for the weekend you want to do it. We suggest you start in the morning when you are still fresh and can get good daytime lighting. It is best to do it in a clean room (there will be enough clutter in a few hours) with ample floor or bed space. If you have a clothes rack anywhere in the house, bring it as well.

2 Sort

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The easiest way to get started on your wardrobe clear out is by pulling everything out and sorting it into piles. Clothing you love and wear regularly goes on the ‘keep’ pile; Clothes you’ve never worn and  you’re not sure what you were thinking when you bought them go on the ‘out’ pile; Everything else goes on the ‘maybe’ pile to be sorted through with a more critical eye.

  1. Sort some more.

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Now start going through piles. Check the “keeps” for any stains of things that need to be mended. It is a good rule to never put things that are dirty or need fixing into your closet. That way you will never leave the house in a stained blouse in the morning rush. Separate all things that are not in season and store them somewhere else. The more space and less clutter you will have on a daily basis, the better. Put the rest aside.

  1. Say goodbye

Walk in closet Inredning

Sort the  “out” pile and decide where everything will go. Designer stuff can be resold on Ebay or at good consignment stores if you are lazy. Another idea we love is gathering some girlfriends, each with a pile of no longer loved clothing and exchanging things over cocktails and gossip. You know one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Maybe the stretchy pencil skirt that no longer fits you is just what your friend is looking for. For all that’s left consider various donation options

  1. Clean
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Vacuum, then wipe down every surface of your closet. Throw out all metal dry-cleaners hangers. Your clothes deserve good wooden or at least plastic ones. It’s best if they are all the same as it will make everything look more orderly. Consider if you have adequate storage for socks, underwear, belts, scarves and other accessories. If not, invest into some boxes and baskets. If you have an extensive show collection, shoe racks are a must-have. Now get some rest. Your will need it for tomorrow when we continue.

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