How To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe Like The Pros (Part 2)


Welcome to the second part of our closet makeover. Please do not get discouraged by the piles of clothes laying around. You are halfway to a perfectly organized wardrobe.

6.  Decide what to keep

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It’s time to tackle the most difficult pile –“the maybes”. Pull out each item, try it on, look in the mirror and ask yourself the following questions

Have I worn it in the past year? Why not?

Does it fit me? If not, is it worth a trip to the tailor?

Does it have sentimental value?

Do I have at least three things I could wear it with? (Unless it’s an evening gown)

Do I feel happy and beautiful wearing it?

Does it represent the person I want to be today?

If you answered no to more then one, toss it!

  1. Mix it up
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Now that you know what you are keeping try things on and attempt to create new outfits with the things you already own. There is no one to judge you so go all out, combine things you never thought would work together – that’s how the coolest outfits are made usually. If you are stuck, enlist the help of a friend. It’s amazing how someone with a fresh perspective can put together things you never would have though off. Take picture of the most successful looks so you can easily recreate them later. Write down things you feel are missing as you go along.

  1. Put things back
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Now that you have everything sorted out start putting things back. We strongly suggest that you organise your clothes by category (e.g., short sleeved tops, shirts, pants etc) and by color (light to dark) and hang it that way. Also please stick to the “one item per hanger” rule so you can easily see everything you own at once. It’s best to fold your knits as hangers can stretch them out in all the wrong places.

9 Store your accessories right

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You need to store your accessories in a way that you can easily see and grab them, otherwise some of them will never get worn. Hang your bags, or store them standing up on shelves by color. Attach some hooks to the back of the closet door to hang scarves, belts and necklaces or use a shoe organizer with clear pockets, so everything is in plain view. For jewellery, buy some pretty trays with many sections, so you can keep everything untangled or just use and ice-cube tray.

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Now stand back and admire your gorgeous, well-organized closet. Put all the photos of outfits you made in a folder on your cellphone or laptop, so you can easily access them next time you don’t know what to wear. Next time we will discuss what basics are crucial to build a fun and functional wardrobe. For now, here are some helpful organizational items you might need.

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