Spring Leather – 3 Cool New Ways To Wear This Trend


Leather is to cool and versatile to keep for just the colder months. Fashion designers seem to agree as we saw leather coats, skirts and dresses sashay down the runways at Prada, Fendi, Proenza Schouler, Christian Dior and many more. However, leather does not just mean your trusty old black biker jacket (although, it’s an item we can’t live without either). Here are three fresh ways to wear it this spring.

Pleats please

Images via Popsugar,com Whowhatwear.com

Images via Popsugar,com Whowhatwear.com

When you think of pleated skirts, leather is the last fabric that comes to mind. However, it is the coolest shape right now and really easy to wear as well. For everyday, it will look great with a sporty bomber and a pair of menswear inspired shoes or even sneakers or with a sweatshirt and slip-ons (don’t you just love the monochrome look in the centre?). Or you can dress it up with a pair of heels and a thin knit or a feminine silk blouse. When the weather gets warm, just a simple white or grey t-shirt and a statement necklace would look great as well. Trust us, soon you won’t understand how you ever lived without a skirt like that.

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Add some color

Images via Popsugar,com Whowhatwear.com

Images via Popsugar,com Whowhatwear.com

Leather is always associated with black for some reason, but for spring you’ll want more color, so consider some original options. A bright or pastel skirt or a pair of pants will be much more fun and eye-catching than neutrals. A red leather skirt even sounds sexy and dangerous but paired down with a casual Mickey Mouse t-shirt it doesn’t seem scary at all. Also consider investing in a lighter colored biker jacket (tan, grey, pink!). It will not only look much softer and more feminine over light summer dresses, but will also up your street style cred.

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Leather on top

Images via Popsugar,com Whowhatwear.com

Images via Popsugar,com Whowhatwear.com

A leather top will take any bland outfit into a “this girl knows something about fashion” category, as it seems quite tricky to wear, which is totally untrue. Due to the nature of the fabric they are usually quite roomy, so pair them with something more form fitting on the bottom, such a pair of cropped slacks or a pencil skirt. If leather feels to stuffy or you son’t like the way it feels on your skin, put a thin t-shirt underneath or wear it over an untucked shirt or a long top in a contrasting color to make a fashion statement.

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