Gigi Hadid’s 3 Great Style Rules

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Don’t be fooled by Gigi Hadid’s tender age. She has 17 years of modeling behind her. She took part in her first Guess campaign at the age of two and has since graduated to being the adult face of the brand. Many years in the industry of looking pretty have not gone past without leaving their mark and this girls definitely knows a thing or two about how to not only look great but also stand out from the crowd. Here are three rules she goes by.

Rule 1. Don’t be afraid to take risks

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Youth is the time to try different things. Sometimes you will fail, but other time you will create a masterpiece, and we are not only talking about fashion here. You must leave your comfort zone to achieve greatness, so don’t be afraid to tackle tricky clothing items such as a cropped jacket and baggy leather pants or a seemingly strange color combination. What’s the worst thing that can happen?

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Rule 2. Don’t dress your age

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There is something really cool about a 19 year old in a classy dress and an elegant hairstyle. We are not saying you have to dress up like your mom every day, but through your friends of guard every once in a while by channeling Grace Kelly instead of Kelly Osborne.

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Rule 3. Do something unexpected.

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Wearing white head to toe is not something you would normally think of on a snowy winter day and that’s what makes it so original and exciting. Do like Gigi and wear things no one else would think off. For example, if everyone in your school or work is pretty normcore, wear a colorful dress and heels or if you come to a party where you know everyone will be dressed up in glitter and feathers wearing a plain well-fitting t-shirt dress. Just do the opposite of what everyone else does (without going overboard of course) and watch your style cred rise.

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