5 Stylish Ways To Update Your Office Look For Spring


Yes, unfortunately despite the fact that it’s springtime we all have to go to work. To cheer you up we have come up with 5 fun and stylish ways to update your wardrobe for the warmer months. You can be all business without boring pantsuits and pinstripes shirts. Here are five items to prove it.

1. Wide-legged  Pants

Image via Pars2london.com

Image via Pars2london.com


Update your trousers to a wider version that has been seen on many spring runways. Pair with soft blouses, boxy tops or cropped jackets. Wide pants seem intimidating at first but once you get used to them they are just as versatile as their skinnier version but so much trendier.

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2. Cropped Jacket 

image via lolobu.com

image via lolobu.com

Replace your blazer with a cropped, boxy jacket, as an easy and stylish spring update. It will look great with your regular staples like pencil skirts or a sheath dress and can be worn with skinny jeans on weekends as well

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3. Smaller heels


image via petitluxes.com

image via petitluxes.com

Rejoice out tired feet! The most fashionable heel right now is on the low side., whether it is a flirty kitten heel or a more sturdier, square version. Both looks especially great with fuller skirts and dresses and can be danced in all night after work.

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4. Shirt Dress

image via fashion wows.com

image via fashion wows.com

This classic that never goes out of style will be your savior on those mornings when you need to look presentable but just can’t pull yourself together.

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 5. Bright clothes

image via fashionfoodcocktails.com

image via fashionfoodcocktails.com

Unless you work in an office with a very strict dress code there is no reason you should not wear bright colors to work, even if no one else does. Pair your navy work pants with lemon yellow top, throw a bright jacket over a black or beige dress or top off your look with a coral coat. You’ll stand out in a good way!

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