The Ultimate Beach Vacation Packing List



The winter this year seems to be never-ending, which gives us even more reasons to book a tropical getaway for a weekend. If you are like us you spend days agonising over what clothes to bring, pack a giant suitcase and then end up wearing the same each dress every day. So we decided to put an end to that and figure out what items we will really need. With spring break time in full swing here is our short packing list full of multitasking essentials to cover all your vacation needs.

1. Tunic dress


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If you bring only one thing this is it! A lightweight cotton tunic can be worn on your way to the beach or as a swimsuit cover up during a light lunch. Swap flip flops for stylish sandals and it will be your trusty companion on shopping excursions or city trips. Add a swanky heel, elegant jewellery and a smoky eye or a bright lip and voila! You are ready for a hot night on the town. We suggest you pack two of these: one with a funky print for the first few days and a pristine white one to show off your tan towards the end of your stay.

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2. Shorts with a loose top


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Be it denim cut offs or an elegant cotton pair – shorts are a holiday must have! They are equally appropriate at the beach, while checking out caves and ancient ruins, during road trips  or while strolling down scenic promenades. The modern way to wear them is with a loose top or a linen shirt in classic colors.

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3. Wow! dress


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Every girl must own a Wow! vacation dress, so if you come across one, buy it immediately even if it is out of your budget. It will serve your for a long time as it will probably not get much wear back home but will make you feel on top of the world every time you put it on and remind you of good times every time you see it. This one is for those special romantic dinners by candlelight or photo sessions on the beach.

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