How To Marry George Clooney? Dress Like Amal Alamuddin.


Don’t know who Amal Alamuddin is? Maybe Mrs. Clooney will ring a bell. The 37-year old Lebanese-British lawyer was thrust in the spotlight last year after marrying Hollywoods most lusted after bachelor and has since become almost more famous than him especially for her smart fashion choices. If you are looking for a sophisticated but also sexy look for work and leisure, she is you role model. Here is how to look like her for every occasion.


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Very few women nowadays put mush effort into looking polished and lady-like, that’s what Amal’s look is such a breath of fresh air among all the parkas, sneakers and sweatpants. If you have a meeting with and important client, a job interview or a date and need and extra confidence boost, it is worth spending some extra time blowdrying your hair, applying make-up, making sure your nails are in tip top shape and picking an outfit to match. We love Amal’s exquisite, feminine dress together with classic tortoiseshell frames.

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You you want to nab a print you got to look the part. A wide leg pant, matching top and a hat in pristine white make an outfit worthy of a modern day princess. Yes it is a tad unpractical, but hey you need to turn heads from time to time, so just find a good dry-cleaner. Also, with simple pieces like those, it is worth investing in well cut items made from luxurious fabrics and saving on the bells and whistles instead.

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Amal know how to look chic and sexy even on a Sunday morning coffee run. Try replacing your sweats with neat cropped jeans or cotton pants and wear a delicate lace or cruder anglaise top instead of a baggy t-shirt. Add fancy sunglasses and you will not fear running into the paparazzi or that hunky George Clooney look-a-like who lives next door.

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