5 Music Festival Style Commandments Just In Time For Coachella


We can’t wait to hit Coachella this weekend, the music, the people, the atmosphere…. However, we do not understand why does everybody think that looking like a crazy dessert hippie is a standard festival dress code. It’s so boring to see thousands of girls dressed exactly alike and we are going to try to change that. Behold our festival style commandments!

1. Thou shalt put comfort before anything

image via Hapersbazaar.com

image via Hapersbazaar.com

You know what’s the saddest thing at a music festival? A girl in high heels! We can’t help but chuckle every time we see one of them sinking into the grass or tottering down a steep hill. Honestly ladies, save the heels for parties at the club. Outdoors comfort is key. A light pant, t-shirt, hat and cool scarf combo will get you through the entire day with ease. And please flat sandals only!

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2. Thou shalt be modern!

image via Hapersbazaar.com

image via Hapersbazaar.com

Newsflash, you are not entering into a time machine at the ticket check, so why do you insist on wearing some crazy 70’s garb complete with fringe and feathers? If you really want to stand out ditch the Native American headpiece (seriously it’s heavy and every other person seems to be wearing one) and wear something cool and modern like a romper in a futuristic print with some neon sandals.

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3. Thou shalt have lots of fun with your look


image via Hapersbazaar.com

Crazy headbands, funky sunglasses, face paint and all the other things you would not ever dare to wear in real life are more than welcome. Enjoy!

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4. Thou shalt not rule out elegance.

image via Hapersbazaar.com

image via Hapersbazaar.com

Yes, we know it is a music festival. No, that does not mean you will roll in dirt or give you a free pass for wearing next to nothing. It is so refreshing to see someone sophisticated in the sea of crop tops and denim cut offs and it’s as easy as wearing a chick little romper with classy hair and makeup. For extra mystery add a pair of large, glamorous sunglasses.

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5. Thou shalt wear cool accessories.

Image via WWD.com

Image via WWD.com

Even if your look is simple, this is the time to break out some major accessories. Pile on cuffs and bracelets, wear that massive necklace you love so much but are intimidated by and so on. Also, if  you are a hat virgin, this is the perfect time to try one out as you on’t look like the odd kid. Be brave.

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