5 Awesome Festival Hairstyles That You Can Recreate At Home


This weekend Coachella will kick off the 2015 music festival season. Any experienced goer will tell you that you need to think ahead with your hair do and consider what things like heat, humidity, thousands of jumping people and hours of dancing can do to your hair. As avid festival fashion fans we are a bit tired of same old boho-waves and floral garland combo, so we came up with 7 great, easy and rocking-your-head-in-the-desert appropriate styles with easy how-to instructions.

Braided bob


image via musimax.com

If you are a lucky owner of the seasons hottest hairstyle – the lob (or long bob), you know how hard it can be to get shorter hair out of your face. The moment you chop off your locks, you also say bye-bye to such festival staples as buns, braids and ponytails. No need to despair though! Style you hair into messy waves and spray with sea-salt spray, so they become  a bit matted and hold the style for longer. Take sections in the front, french braid them away from your face and secure with bobby pins. This looks better a bit messy, so don’t try to be too precious and rough it up with your hand a bit or just let the desert wind do it for you. If you don’t know how to do a french braid, here is an easy video tutorial.

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Modern flowers


image via stopanddropvogue.com

If you just can’t imagine going to a festival without some flowers in your hair please find a cool, modern and most importantly NOT alive version. It is so sad to see all these girls with wilted flower crowns hours before the headliners show up. So start collecting floral and botanical pins in advance and then adorn away! We think little blooms will look especially cool with a relaxed ponytail.

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Pin Art


image via buzzfeed.com

God know why we didn’t think of this earlier but this is definitely the easiest and cheapest way to create a head-turning hair style. Take some bobby pins and start making designs out of them. It doesn’t have to be a perfect V-shape as pictured above. Use you imagination to create crosses, parallel lines, geometric shapes etc. For extra funk use pins in different colours.

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Fishtail braid


Image via pr0crasti-nation.tumblr.com

A fishtail braid doesn’t only look spectacular, with the right preparation and maintenance it will also hold for an entire weekend of dancing. Start but putting a generous dollop of volumizing mousse into damp hair. You want a think, voluminous braid, not a scraggly rats tail. After drying your hair put some powder it with some dry shampoo for extra oomph then follow the instructions in this easy video tutorial. Finally rough the braid up with your hands, pull out some hair pieces with a comb (fingers work fine too) and douse in hairspray for extra holding power.

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 Half Updo 


Image via Bellamumma.com


This one is so easy you can practically do it with your eyes closed. Dry your hair the way you normally do and spray with sea-salt spray for extra grip. Put a funky hair band on top of your hair. You can push it down to your forehead if you are going for boho, or keep it just above the hairline. Start by taking sections of you hair, twisting them a couple of times and then pushing them inside the band. Repeat with as many sections as yo like. Check the back view and you are good to go.

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