Best Street Style From Coachella For Your Summer Wardrobe


Did you get over that Madonna/Drake kiss yet? Then maybe it is time to review the best fashion moments from this summer’s first music festival, as the trends set here will be in every fashion magazine/blogger Instagram a few weeks from now. We have picked our favourites from this fashion, fine and music filled weekend and will show you how to recreate them.

1. Lace & Embroidery

Image via

Image via

Delicate, embroidered tops and dresses offer a rare mix of sweet and sexy. The most modern way to wear these sheer items is with bold underwear in a contrasting colour. It not only adds a strong, graphic  counterpoint that prevents the dress from being overly romantic but covers up your privates in the process as well. You can sometimes find great examples in vintage stores or check out the ones we have found for you.

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2. Floral dressesImage via

Image via

This classic summer staple is not going anywhere, especially not in the summer where 70’s is the decade du jour. To pay homage to the hippie era but still look currant look for muted colours and keep your accessories and hair and make up sleek and simple. That means absolutely NO flowers in your hair, fringed handbags or anything with feathers.

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3. Shades of Blue

Image via

Image via

Our new favourite colour combo is different shades of blue! Azure and cerulean, navy and periwinkle, lips and sapphire and so many more. Don’t be afraid to experiment as they all go together perfectly and offer you a fresh and cool alternative to your regular white and khaki. Look at some postcards from the greek isles for inspiration.

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