What Makes Taylor Swift’s Look So Great? These Style Staples!


When it comes to street style seems like Taylor Swift can do no wrong. She looks flawless every time she leaves the house and her photos end up in every fashion website and magazine out there. What’s her secret? Does she have a top tier stylist chained  in her basement? No! Taylor just knows what suits her well and keeps wearing those styles over and over in different pattern, colors and fabrics, kind of like an incredibly stylish uniform. If you admire her polished, girly looks here is a guide to Taylor Swift wardrobe staples

Tea-dress and a structured bag

Images via popsugar.com, grazia.co.ok, instyle.com

Images via popsugar.com, grazia.co.ok, instyle.com

Original tea dresses were meant for informal at home entertaining and were at least ankle length. However a lot has changes in fashion since the 19th century and nowadays that’s what we call a flirty, summer dress with a cut off waist and a fuller, sometimes pleated skirt. This style fits almost everyone but is absolutely perfect for what we call a rectangle body shape – lean girls with smaller busts who don’t have a well defined waist. This feminine number would look great with ballet flats or sneakers, however we love that Taylor styles it with heels and a structured, lady-like bag giving the entire look a polished, put-together appearance.

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Pencil Skirt + Crop Top

Images via popsugar.com, grazia.co.ok, instyle.com

Images via popsugar.com, grazia.co.ok, instyle.com

For her second go-to outfit Taylor pairs a classy pencil skirt with a daring crop top, thus stripping it of its matronliness and offices association. You can wear a matching number for a sophisticated monochrome look or mix and match colors and prints if you are feeling adventurous. Not quite ready to bare your midriff? Just try a longer version of the top or a high-waisted skirt.

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