Look Of The Week – Maggi Gyllenhaal


We have always been huge fans of both Maggie Gyllenhaal’s acting skills and her style savvy. With a perfect mix of Brooklyn hipster meets art gallery curator meets Hollywood red carpet starlet her look is unique and quirky in a good way. However, we were absolutely amazed to see her do a Victor/Victoria and glam up in a sexy tuxedo for the launch of H&M Conscious collection in New York City’s Cafe Clover.

image via popsugar.com

image via popsugar.com

The secret to getting this look right is juxtaposing the clean, masculine lines of the suit with an ultra feminine top made of delicate lace. Traffic light red lips and matching high-heeled pumps brighten up the entire look and make sure it’s more diva than dull. If you find an all-black suit too severe, try a jacket in a softer color such as dusty pink of navy for example. Either way this look seems so simple and comfortable that it could easily become our go to outfit for fancy occasions.

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