Steal Her Look Fashion Blogger Edition – Aimee Song of Song of Style


When interior designer Aimee song started her fashion blog she could not have imagined that fast-forward several years and she will have millions of visitors and Instagram followers, several big brand collaborations under her belt and will be sitting front row, next to supermodels and fashion editors. All this thanks to her knack for creating bold but laid-back real-life outfits and posing for pictures. We have been fans of her blog for a long time and have finally uncovered one of the secrets of her effortless style – unexpected combinations of elegant pieces with casual clothes. We show her how to copy her look with our two favourite examples.

Sexy slip dress and boots + chunky sweater

song-of-style-slip-dress-turtleneck-21You don’t think of a lingerie inspired silk slip dress as a day time option do you? Aimee on there other hand makes it look not only appropriate but incredibly stylish by putting a chunky turtleneck sweater over it. Delicate lace-trim hem looks even more interesting in contrast with brutal and edgy leather boots. For summer you can recreate this look in peach, blush or beige tones. Wearing a bulkier sandal instead of boots would be more weather appropriate while still balancing out the girly skirt.

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Pencil skirt & button down + sweatshirt

BwsqW1GIQAIahBqYour classy pencil skirt and business-like button down don’t need to be confined to the realm of boring office wear. Just let you shirt hang out and add a shorter sweatshirt on top. Funk it up even more with a fun, colourful heel and be ready to smile for street style photographers.

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