Let Blogger Gary Pepper Girl Show You How to Wear Color


Our latest style crush is Nicole Warne of the blog and vintage store Gary Pepper Girl. She has collected so much vintage clothing while she was in college that she had to set up an online store to sell what would no longer fit into her closet. The store was successful from the start, however what propelled her to stardom was the blog she started on the side to showcase her personal style. She is known for choosing striking backgrounds for her shoots such as a deserted beach in Maldives or a lavender field somewhere in France and for being great with bright colours. While we can’t just jet to off to some awesome resort by the ocean, we can easily brighten up our day with some red, green or yellow if we follow these tips.

Wear brights with neutrals


image via garypeppergirl.com


Wear brights with neutrals

Bright colours look really cool against easy neutrals, like a scarlet red coat over a white dress or lemon yellow with pale grey. This combination is modern and very hard to mess up.  There is a reason we call them neutrals you know, they go with everything. Other combinations you might want to try are coral with beige and fuchsia with navy.

Monochrome brights


Wear brights with neutrals


Image via garypeppergirl.com

Wanna get more attention than usual? Wear a strong colour from head to toe. There is only one secret to getting it right – confidence!

Brights with other brights


Image via garypeppergirl.com


Image via garypeppergirl.com


Image via garypeppergirl.com

Combining tricky colours is Nicole’s signature and looking at her we immediately want to pair red and fuchsia. The secret to getting it right is avoiding colour mixes that have strong associations with something like red, yellow and green automatically makes you think about traffic lights while black and yellow might make you resemble a giant bumblebee. Also pick clothes with strong, clean and simple silhouettes. Any extra detailing such as frills, ruffles, drapes and so now will be excessive here. Let the colour be the main focus point. Nothing else should get in the way.

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For more check out her blog