The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Yes, It Is Very Soon


A Cashmere Cardigan

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You can’t always be around but a fancy and soft cashmere cardigan will be the next best thing to your warm hugs when you are not there. Choose a flattering neutral color such as pewter, beige or cream.

A Luxurious Face Oil

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Many beauty editors swear that this product has completely transformed their skin. It is easy to believe them when you see how amazing its creator Linda Rodin looks. The 66 years old fashion stylist has first mixed 12 essential oils in her bathroom and a cult product Olio Lusso was born. Yes we know it’s a bit pricy but a few drops of this amazing potion go a long way and your mom deserves a treat.

A Beach Vacation in a Tote

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Fill up a canvas tote with sunscreen, the latest hit novel and tickets for a weekend beach getaway. No one deserves a break more than your mom

 A Spa Ritual for the Home

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This ritzy body butter will turn every shower into a hedonistic spa treatment. The smell is divine and the rich texture will leave even the driest skin well moisturized.

Something to use every day

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It’s a gift that keeps on giving as these adorable little salt and pepper friends are guaranteed to put a smile on her face every time she uses them

Fancy Pyjamas without the Fancy Care Label

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She is guaranteed to love this set of soft silk pajamas even more when she finds out that they can be easily thrown into a regular washing machine.

Something she would’d buy for Herself

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The best gifts are things that are nice to have but you would most probably never buy yourself like this cheese serving set with a special container for bread and crackers. We would gift it together with an assortment of good cheese, so she can road test it right away


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She gave you the most important gift of all that can’t really be matched by anything, but a pair of gorgeous diamond and turquoise earrings is a great way to say thank you.

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