Best Refurbished TVs Under $500

Best Refurbished TVs Under $500

Two words, one amazing combination: high definition. If there’s one thing better than settling in on the couch for some quality time while streaming your favorite show or the latest Amazon original, it’s watching them in HD, Full HD, or Ultra HD. But those megapixels can cost megabucks — unless you know how to shop smart. Here’s a hint: Buy refurbished TVs.

You can’t just go anywhere on the internet to find amazing used TV deals and discounted laptops. For the best megapixel payoff, stick to refurbished products from reputable sources. meticulously tests, cleans, and restores electronics from top brands to bring you the best refurbished TV deals. The only way you’ll be able to discern one of our refurbished smart TV’s from a new one is by the extra money in your pocket.

We made it easy for you and rounded up some of the best refurbished TV deals under $500. Get your Netflix list ready!

Samsung 32" Class FHD (1080p) Smart QLED TV

Samsung 32-inch Class FHD 1080p Smart QLED TV

If you love the idea of watching a flat-screen TV but don’t want to see messy cords hanging down your wall, Samsung has the perfect solution. For less than $500, the Samsung 32-inch Class FHD Smart QLED TV provides two for the price of one: a beautiful screen in 1080p resolution to watch movies and shows, and a picture frame to display artwork and photos when you’re not watching. The frame hangs flush to the wall to seamlessly blend in with your home decor, and a separate box houses all the cable connections. Powered by a Tizen operating system, this Smart TV is easy to control and comes with a full web browser, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and an extensive collection of next-gen apps.

Original Price: $597
Sale Price: $486

Buy Refurbished Samsung 32-inch Class FHD (1080p) Smart QLED TV

Samsung 50" Class 4K (2160p) Smart QLED TV

Samsung 50-inch Class 4K 2160p Smart QLED TV

At a savings of nearly $175, this Samsung Class 4K Smart QLED TV is one of the best refurbished TV deals available, delivering the most advanced high-definition viewing experience you can find — all on a giant 50-inch screen. Quantum Dot technology provides over 1 billion shades of color, and HDR10+ brings out even more detail and contrast with dual-LED backlighting to adjust the color tone. The result is sharp, vibrant imagery in 2160p resolution beyond what’s possible in regular HDTVs. The Tizen operating system keeps the picture crystal clear. For gamers in the house, Game Enhancer automatically neutralizes annoyances like tearing and stuttering, and everyone can quickly learn to master the intuitive Smart TV interface.

Original Price: $647.99
Sale Price: $475

Buy Refurbished Samsung 50-inch Class 4K (2160p) Smart QLED TV

LG 50" Class 4K (2160p) Smart LED TV

LG 50-inch Class 4K 2160p Smart LED TV

What’s better than full HD? Four times the resolution. The LG Class 4K Smart LED TV uses 4K active HDR to provide outstanding picture quality and clarity, and the 2160p resolution doesn’t lose any vibrancy across the giant 50-inch screen. This used TV deal operates on WebOS 4.0, the standard platform for LG Smart TVs since 2013, so you have easy access to all your favorite apps. Sports fans and gamers will appreciate the 50 inches of screen size so they can enjoy every play and game level in detail they’ve never seen before. And they’ll hear it all as never before with LG’s Ultra Surround System, which disperses distortion-free sound from integrated speakers in multiple directions for the ultimate auditory experience.

Original Price: $529
Sale Price: $452

Buy Refurbished LG 50-inch Class 4K (2160p) Smart LED TV

Samsung 43" Class 4K (2160p) Smart LED TV

Samsung 43-inch Class 4K 2160p Smart LED TV

You’ve heard of Full HD, but what about Crystal UHD? The Samsung 43-inch Class 4K Smart LED TV invites you to enter the world of Dynamic Crystal Technology, which greets you with millions of color shades and an unbelievable crisp, clear 2160p picture quality that’s four times Full HD’s resolution. The Motion Xcelerator minimizes blur and enhances motion clarity, which means you can catch all the fast-moving action while watching football, enjoying an action flick, or taking advantage of the latest gaming consoles. Plus, this Smart TV model sports an AirSlim design, which blends seamlessly with the wall for those who don’t like bulky electronics. It’s hard to believe this is the cheapest Smart TV deal on our list.

Original Price: $427.99
Sale Price: $379

Buy Refurbished Samsung 4-inch Class 4K (2160p) Smart LED TV

Vizio 50" Class 4K (2160p) Smart XLED TV

Vizio 50-inch Class 4K 2160p Smart XLED TV

OK, this refurbished TV deal is a tad over $500. But if you have an extra 20 bucks in your wallet, this Vizio Class 4K Smart XLED TV offers the most impressive features list yet. The effective refresh rate comes in at 120 Hz, double the rate found on most HDTVs. Combined with the Dolby Vision HDR+ Ultra Color Spectrum and an intuitive XLED Plus backlight that adapts brightness levels in real-time, you get an unreal and remarkably sharp Ultra HD experience. Best of all, the built-in Chromecast feature makes it super easy to project content from your phone directly onto the giant 50-inch screen display.

Original Price: $558
Sale Price: $525

Buy Refurbished Vizio 50-inch Class 4K (2160p) Smart XLED TV

Affordable high-definition technology is available at everyone’s fingertips, especially if you buy refurbished TVs and discounted laptops. You’ll find the best refurbished TV deals from companies that understand the restoration process. The Store brings you high-quality electronics from your favorite brands, all with a 1-year guarantee, and carefully tests, packages, and sanitizes them using a Certified ReStored process you can trust. Can you smell the popcorn and hear the surround sound? Take a look and get yourself a refurbished TV for under $500 today.