How to Buy an Unlocked iPhone

How to Buy an Unlocked iPhone

Plus everything you need to know about refurbished unlocked smartphones


Remember when all iPhones were sold with SIM lock software that prevented you from using it with any other carrier than the company you bought it from? Not cool. Luckily those days are behind us and you have plenty of options to buy unlocked phones–meaning phones that you can use with any carrier your heart desires. The problem is most of your options are pretty expensive.

The tradeoff for this bit of freedom is that carriers are making customers buy phones at full price. Gone are the days when carriers offered free phones with contract renewals. Good riddance.

Luckily, buying full priced unlocked phones is not your only option. You don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount and you certainly don’t have to buy an iPhone (or any smartphone) from Verizon or At&t anymore. Allow us to introduce you to The Store. Your premium iPhone refurbisher who sells unlocked Apple phones at a deep discount. Think 70% off ticket price. Our deals are changing every day, so check back often for high quality unlocked iPhones almost every generation.


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What is an unlocked iPhone?

An unlocked iPhone is a phone that isn’t tied to any one carrier. That means you can change your phone carrier at any time, and your iPhone will be compatible with any network you choose. That’s because you own the phone. So you’re not tied to a multi year contract anymore. Assuming you pay off the balance of the phone, you can switch whenever you want!


How Can I Buy a Quality Refurbished iPhone Unlocked?

Great question. You may be skeptical about buying a used iPhone. And you should be. Buying refurbished iPhones is a risk when you don’t know the company well. To make matters worse, there is no single standard for what refurbishment means. So you could end up with a phone that looks good on the outside, but was repaired using untested third-party parts. Or you could end up with a phone that works well, but is covered in scratches.

That’s why The Store created a single standard of quality for refurbished electronics. We call the standard Certified ReStored. And that means a few things you should know. All unlocked refurbished iPhones from The Store come with screens intact–no visible scratches–along with original accessories, and verified batteries. We stand behind our ReStored quality refurbished products so we also offer a minimum 1-year warranty, and 30-day money back returns. No questions asked.


What is the Advantage of Buying an Unlocked Refurbished Phone?

The biggest benefit of buying an unlocked phone is the flexibility you get to work with any carrier you want. That means you can switch from one company to another, depending on who offers the best rates and most responsive customer service. Ah, capitalism at its finest.

Unlocked iPhones are also great for overseas travel because it means you can shop for a short term plan with a foreign provider that could help you save big.

Why unlocked AND refurbished? Two reasons: cost and sustainability. You can get refurbished phones for up to 70% at The Store. The deep discount doesn’t mean they’re of poor quality, although we understand why you may think that. The real reason we can sell unlocked refurbished iPhones at such a low price is because they are overstock, pre-owned, used or open-box items that retailers can no longer sell on shelves. Many times these products are barely touched (if at all) but retailers can’t sell them at full price due to the fact they’re not “brand new.” So we step in to bring these devices to you :)

Your love for the planet is another big reason to consider going refurbished for your next unlocked phone. Remember how we said these products can longer sell on retail shelves? That means if we didn’t sell them, they would end up in landfills instead. And why waste such perfectly good tech?


How Can I Trust a Used Unlocked iPhone will look and work like new?

Simple. You look for resellers, like The Store who personally refurbishes every used iPhone to perfection and certifies them with a guarantee. We call it “Certified ReStored.” That means all refurbished products are rigorously inspected, tested, data-wiped, and disinfected. That’s a standard you can rely on.


What Unlocked iPhone Should I Buy?

That all depends on what features you want. Everyone’s a bit different. But remember you don’t HAVE to buy the latest model to get amazing features. Although let’s be honest–the iPhone11 Pro Max has unmatched camera quality. But we also love the iPhone8 iPhoneX, and iPhone11.

If you’re buying an unlocked iPhone as a gift for your son or daughter, you can also consider trying older generations. Anything from the iPhone5s to iPhone7 work great for younger users!


How do I know if my Phone is unlocked?

Great question! When you buy from The Store, we will tell you right away if the iPhone is unlocked. Later once you receive your phone, you can verify that information by checking your settings. Simply click “settings” and navigate to “cellular data.” If you see an option for “Cellular Data Options” then your iPhone is unlocked. Voila!