Refurbished Android Tablets

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Steven C.
Verified Buyer
March 27, 2021
Purchased: ONN 100003561 8" Tablet Pro, 32GB Storage, 2GB RAM, Android 10, 2.0 GHz Octa-Core Processor, HD Display
Fast Shipping, work fine. I recommend THE STORE
Anil R.
Verified Buyer
March 10, 2021
Decent tablet for $100 but not really a smart home assistant
Purchased: Lenovo ZA5C0045US Smart Tab M8 8" 1280 x 800 2GB RAM Android Pie Iron Grey
The tablet works decently for kids. The docking station is nice in that you can pop the tablet in to charge and it can show you pictures from google photos and allow smart home control. Several minor issues with this: 1. If you want to put a case on the tablet, you can't use the dock. However, if your case doubles as a tablet stand that can prop it up, plugging in the cable to charge the tablet will still allow you to use ambient mode (photos and home control) 2. It is somewhat slow and not quite as responsive to "hey google" in ambient mode as a dedicated smart home assistant would be. We can use smart lock to keep it unlocked but sometimes this does not work, and if you give it a command, it will ask you to unlock. 3. The tablet is okay in regular use but the kids mode implementation is horrendous. If you set up a restricted account for kids, the lenovo kids mode app takes it over completely. It's a terrible infantilizing interface and only works for preschoolers.
Gwendolyn L.
Verified Buyer
April 16, 2021
Purchased: Core Innovations CTB1016GPR 10.1 Inch Tablet 1 GB Purple Rockchip RK3326C Processor
My son luv it!
Eddie R.
Verified Buyer
September 15, 2021
Pro 12 review
Purchased: Pro 12 CT9223W97DK 12.2" 1.30 GHz 2 GB 64 GB WIFI Android 6.0 Tablet, Black
The device itself is pretty solid. Only disappointment is the Play Store App does not have Hulu nor Netflix!