Lenovo G0A20001WW Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset

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Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset brings you vivid and immersive MR experiences on your modern PC. Escape to a virtual world of exhilarating adventures: tour top travel destinations, be the hero in the most exciting games, attend the most popular events or even travel across time and space, right in the comfort of your own home. The Lenovo Explorer which just takes minutes to set-up, is also extremely comfortable and lightweight, giving you hours of fun and entertainment as you discover the magic of Windows Mixed Reality. Windows Mixed Reality enables you to transform your everyday laptop or PC into something more memorable—and fun. Enjoy access to over 20,000 Microsoft apps, including the latest games and entertainment. And if you need to be productive, just tap into Microsoft Office Suite and create your own virtual workspace.Easy to set-up - VR headset with spatial awareness capability can be complicated to set-up. With Lenovo Explorer, this is accomplished within minutes by connecting just one cable to your PC. No external sensors needed.Ergonomic - The Lenovo Explorer is light, weighing only 380 g .84 lbs and is comfortable due to its ergonomic design. Immerse yourself in hours of non-stop fun and entertainmentCompatible with the most popular computers - Working with most PC tiers, the affordable Lenovo Explorer lets you indulge in superior virtual reality experiences without spending a fortune.Huge Content Ecosystem - Explore AAA content with Mixed Reality on Windows 10. Swim with the dolphins, tour the Romana Coliseum, Ski on the Andes Slopes, be the hero in popular Xbox games in a world you deserve, where you are the center of every adventure.

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