3Plus Hybrid Smart Watch (BLACK) - Water Resistant

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3Plus Hybrid Smart Watch (BLACK) - Water Resistant
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3Plus Hybrid Smart Watch (BLACK) offers you the ability to keep track of your daily workouts. The touch screen watch features daily activity tracking, a heart rate monitor and sleep tracking to provide you with insights about your quality of sleep and your daily health and wellness. Whether you're searching for smartwatches for men or for women, this screen touch watch offers you a hybrid watch with a classic style. The 3Plus Hybrid Smart Watch (BLACK) has a screen touch watch feature that allows you to control your music playlist from the convenience of your wrist. No longer will you have to pull out your phone during a run or a workout to change a song or to pause and resume your music. This touch screen watch offers you convenience when you need it most. Keep track of your steps, calorie burning, distance and minutes per workout and record your workouts with the added ability to check your workout history. Also, keep track of your heart rate, whether it's high or low. Your screen touch watch also notifies you whenever you're receiving incoming texts, calls, messages, or other smartphone app related notifications. And for added convenience, the smart watch with phone support also displays the current weather. So if you're worried about whether it's too hot or too cold to go for a quick walk or run outside, you can quickly and conveniently check your screen touch watch for a weather report. The smart watch also comes with a sleek, nicely designed charging station that won't take away from the aesthetic of your living area. The battery life of your screen touch watch tends to last up to 3 days before requiring a quick charge on your charging station.

  • Smart watch with phone compatibility
  • Touchscreen and water resistant
  • Keeps track of steps, calories, distance, minutes and heart rate
  • Records workouts and allows you to check workout history
  • Displays weather report

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