Fitbit FB512GLWT Sense Advanced Health & Fitness Smartwatch, Soft Gold

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Fitbit FB512GLWT Sense Advanced Health & Fitness Smartwatch, Soft Gold
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Meet Fitbit Sense--the advanced smartwatch that helps you tune in to your body and guides you toward better health. Assess your heart for AFib right from your wrist, detect and manage stress, better understand your sleep quality and even keep an eye on patterns in your skin temperature.

  • EDA Scan App
  • The on-wrist EDA Scan app detects electrodermal activity--which may indicate your body's response to stress so you can better track and manage it.
  • ECG App
  • On-wrist Skin Temperature Sensor
  • Sense logs your skin temperature each night to show how it varies from your personal baseline, so you can be aware of trends over time.
  • High & Low Heart Rate Notifications
  • Your heart rate is a key indicator of health, so stay informed when Sense detects that your heart rate is unusally high or low.

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