Why Certified

We’ve made big changes to the refurbishment process by adding quality. Our ReStored products are inspected, tested, cleaned, and certified to work like new.

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Certified ReStored

What does Certified
ReStored mean?

Every Certified ReStored product you see undergoes a multi-point inspection process to ensure that each one functions flawlessly.

  • Hand tested and sanitized
  • Updated with new software
  • Verified battery and charger
  • Screens intact and without scratches
  • 1-year warranty included

The Certified ReStored process

Step 1

Thoroughly inspect
and test
basic features.

Step 2

Conduct technical
tests, and repair
only with branded
parts when needed.

Step 3

Carefully sanitize,
package, and

Step 4

Verify results
with a comprehesive
inspection report.

Electronics warehouse worker

We know what works

The Store has been refurbishing electronics for more than 10 years. We've processed over 35 million devices. We know how to make products better than new again.

That's why we've disrupted the old refurbishment model, and created a new ReStored process with the highest quality standards.

Certified ReStored
means more

At The Store, you'll only find products listed under one condition: Certifed ReStored. It's a new standard that you can trust. A worry-free guarantee.

What you get

All products are packaged in a brand-new box and sent to you with a comprehensive report that outlines every feature and function we tested.

  • In every box:
  • Battery,
  • Charger,
  • Cables, Inspection Report

Our guarantee